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Street Style at The Paris Fashion Week

Newly arrived in Paris this morning for the Fashion week, I have begun an intense day of parades and capture of Street style. They have always captivated me the looks that I see the city of light, and more in these days, where trendsetters, it girls, voguettes, bloggers and the own models dressed as street, give us real intensive kinds of style before and after each fashion show. Continue reading

The Dresses that Will See in the Oscars

This 2010, Penélope Cruz returns to opt to a Oscar as best actress for her role in Nine. It was sung. Although the probability that the award is carried for the second consecutive year to House, is laughable. Therefore I am sure that our Pe will not opt to leave us open-mouthed as it did at the ceremony of the hand of your Balmain 2009 vintage. This time, aware that his only moment of glory will be certainly up the red carpet and not above the stage and excited, Penelope will try to be discreet and not dressing too as a sign of an excess of confidence. Continue reading

Ve a Set with Your “White Christmas”

We continue to offer ideas to dress the day of Christmas Eve o New year’s Eve (that depends on each one). And today we do it with the trend of the white color: in this tone dresses are ideal in summer but the same thing happens in winter? The answer is Yes, and This Christmas no doubt that I wear in this tone. I love how you feel with the contrast of the bushy black stockings, and its forms as well as styles can give much play. It is a tone that House with everything and you can use it throughout the year. What do I say? Continue reading

for Which We Are Not So Young

And what I should I wear this new year’s Eve?

Years ago I turned 20, so many dresses that propose to Christmas seem too short, too suggestive, and too harsh with the defectillos that goes accumulating our body with the passage of the years. In addition, becomes a moment in celebrations that I have hartita so much brightness, so much rhinestones and as much spangle. So the proposals of looks for new year’s Eve today’s going in other directions different from the usual, more suitable for all audiences. Continue reading

The Best of the Week in Jezebel 7-14 March

Movidito week in terms of events is of 7 to March 14, and is that juntanto have “the hunger with the desire to eat” in the world of fashion: the 82 Edición de los premios Oscar and the last fashion week marked on the international calendar, the most anticipated and appetizing, Paris. Given such avalanche of events, fashion shows, celebrities, and looks, we could not more than deploy our tentacles to live up to, or at least try. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Red Hot!

Along with the classic black, red is the color of Christmas. you are boring of the dark tones or do not dare with metallic, the Red will be your best ally to go to the end of the year, at a party dinner to a House with friends. Flattering, glamorous, feminine… If still you have decided your bet by one style New year’s Eve red hot!! Continue reading

I Know the Center of Everyone’s Attention

What noses to wear I to foo in such wedding? Red dress and saw me him in the last one, and the blue sky I have more than given… This used to be her conversation that I had with my inner self whenever approaching the date of one of the weddings to which it was invited. And it is clear that, with this, it is always the same: appears the same people, they are always followed and You can not repeat of outfit. Or Yes? You can combine attachments and make this go into the background. An example? Wearing a Crown of flowers the great sea. That Yes, today we show you some looks to be the star in a wedding without stealing the role of the bride. Continue reading

Javier Simorra Spring-Summer

The firm Javier Simorra inspiration for this Spring-summer, in a very feminine woman and creates a varied collection adapted to all kinds of women. There are more serious items and other more juvenile. The straight lines and the most sober and simple designs contrast with the youthful self-assurance of gradients, the animal print and slides. Continue reading

Would You like to Be Her Most Romantic Guest?

The good weather arrives accompanied by the season of weddings. Surely many of you are in full search and capture of the ideal model to become the perfect guest. Cocktail for morning weddings dresses, long for the evening/night and up to monkeys for both occasions. Do you want to be the most romantic guest? These 17 dusty designs are waiting for you! Continue reading

This Summer Wears a Black Dress

The little black dresses they are a basic of our cabinet: they are always and never go out of fashion. Each season the signatures include some model in their collections because it is essential for both summer and winter. As I always say in my posts, if you don’t know what to wear, choose a black design and always be right. Continue reading