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Fashion without Toxic

Fashion without toxic It is the name given to the project of Greenpeace to create clothes without toxics. Sixteen Spanish designers have joined this project and presented in the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid a collection of garments without hazardous products. Spanish fashion joins Greenpeace in its request to the European Union that aboge for a future free of hazardous substances. Continue reading

The Fashion of The 60 in London

Mary Quant, Ossie Clark, Norman Hartnell, Michael Rainey, Rupert Lycett, Ossie Clark, Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne They revolutionized the world of fashion in the 1960s from their wonderful London boutiques. More than 300 objects between dresses, drawings, jewelry, photographic documents and video, They recreate the fun showcases Swinging London. Continue reading

If You Don’t Have a Minion Are Not Anyone in The World Fashion

The Minions are the fashion icon. These small and funny little yellow creatures have conquered the highest levels of the industry, getting into the Pocket even to the British edition of Vogue, which dedicated a mockumentary and a (false) façade. But his flip doesn’t end there, the Minions have new members fashion in the family, faces as well known as Donatella Versace, Karl Lagerfeld or face Delevingne have become a part of The Minionistas. Continue reading

Who Was Ingrid Sischy and What Has Been Their Way for Fashion

Ingrid Sischy, Editor of Vanity Fair since 1997, has died from cancer of the chest at the age of 63. The journalist has had a great career in the world of fashion. Previously he worked as art critic at The New Yorker, Condé Nast publications and Interview. The fashion world mourns one of its most special and beloved Editor. We reviewed his career and remember their achievements. Continue reading

Qute, Application for Mobile in Which Everyone in Stylist Becomes Fashionable and Advisor

How many times we asked our boyfriend/friend/mother How are a dress or trousers left we with? And the truth, we were never satisfied with the answer. It seems that no one there is around us that give us the answer ultimate fashionista who leave us happy. And now a mobile application can help you to choose your look for any occasion or decide if you want to buy something or not, and all through popular vote. Continue reading

Fashion and Cuisine Was Unite: Fendi Opened a New Restaurant in Barcelona

The fashion firms look beyond and always try to diversify their business. Fendi, the Italian brand waiting Open a new restaurant in Barcelona next fall. The restaurant will be called T-bone Station and will be located near the Diagonal Avenue, specifically in calle Calvet, 14. It is the second restaurant brand open in Barcelona, the first is called T-Burger Station and its opening is expected in early October. Continue reading

Are Items of The Fashion Shows in Paris? No, It Is Low Cost

We are immersed in full Parties, We see to the celebrities incredible with his dreamy looks, to the bloggers perfect with their son and Chanel and publishers looking Palm with the last turn on it. Perhaps not to go to any party posh and insurance that you do not spend 2000 euros in a jacket. No need! With these ideas, no one will notice that you spent quarter and half. Continue reading

Do You Know What Clothing Is Becoming Fashionable and The Leading Up to Kendall Jenner?

Already discussed what you last night: it seems that everything that touches the Kardashian-Jenner family turns into a guaranteed success. And among the entire cast Kendall Jenner style stands out above the rest: the model dares to everything and in each of his appearances her looks are the most commented. In his last exit wears a garment that we know you are going to very in fashion… Do you know what it is? Continue reading

Street Style Has Lost Its Essence and Bloggers No Longer Show The Real Fashion… or Yes?

Over time the essence of street style is lost? It is a question that many of the editors of Jezebel We wonder at times, especially after the uproar that was the last time that Scott Schuman was present in Madrid: most of the people said to all the people who had chosen they had not been randomly, but everything was planned in advance. Personally I have no idea, because I was not there to present. Continue reading