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Street Style Has Lost Its Essence and Bloggers No Longer Show The Real Fashion… or Yes?

Over time the essence of street style is lost? It is a question that many of the editors of Jezebel We wonder at times, especially after the uproar that was the last time that Scott Schuman was present in Madrid: most of the people said to all the people who had chosen they had not been randomly, but everything was planned in advance. Personally I have no idea, because I was not there to present. Continue reading

What Bags Carried in The Fashion Week According to The Fashionistas

In the care outfits that I’m seeing in the Paris fashion week, bags play a fundamental role. They are capable of transforming a look, making it more casual, more chic or trendy … believe that there is no place where has seen more Chanel Handbags per square meter, especially the mythical 2.55 model, that you will always get to give a special touch to any look. It is one of those classics that is worth investing. Continue reading

An Thing Sweetest Streetstyle: Pastel Colors Can Already Be Seen in The Streets

The pastel colors It is one of the trends that most draws attention and the truth is that although currently not see me with her I like very much. Above all by its diversity when it comes to combine the colour palette: yellow with green, Pink with blue, orange with nude … No matter how look it! Sure that the result is ideal and brilliant. But giving a tour of fashion blogs have realized a formula that is repeated day in, day also: Pink and green (bluish) Mint. Will it be the winner? Continue reading

The Firm Preferred by The Spanish Still Being Zara, Which If No?

When you ask a Spanish for its brand favorite low-cost almost always it is heard: Zara. Why? I guess that they are many factors that influence: the price (undoubtedly), of trends that houses a store (not focused on an audience in particular, but in many and different ages), the quality, the possibility of changing wardrobe each season, etc. Is for this reason that we must not wonder to see the bloggers in this country to go enfundades day in, day also with your clothes. Continue reading

The Finishing Touches Are The Flyers: 9 Blouses Full of Romanticism

The shirts, blouses & tops they are the true protagonists of the season being. Are they filled with flyers to be more romantic and feminine than ever. No need more than a striking shirt your outfit with jeans improve 100%. If in spring have triumphed white shirts, in summer we expect asymmetric, much lighter and fresh tops, but always, ruffled. Continue reading

Notes The Name of Gabrielle to 2017, The New Chanel Bag That Suggests Ways

Chanel is, without doubt, one of those (few) brands that have the ability to create wonderful iconic bags almost routinely. Her classic bag has become one of the most precious accessories in the fashion world but we must not forget the 2.55, the Boy… As well, if you like the French House from now on you have to memorize Gabrielle, its new family of bags with pintaza, sure that soon we start to see them everywhere. Continue reading

Fast Fashion: Handbags, Shoes, and Green

You already know that Lu is crazy about shoes, right? My passion is nowhere near hers, but genetics don’t fault and I’m quite happy trying some new pairs. In C & I saw three beautiful models: a low pipe boot all worked in animal print(and also had her with hairs all black) and two beautiful and stylish sneakers, a black varnish and the second most clarinha full of sparkles. Ahh, and these pieces I found at Mall Boulevard, which has a section enoooorme of shoes, different from BH Shopping store, which almost never has very interesting things. Continue reading

Women’s Handbags for Use with the Look of Halloween

Halloween is no longer just a celebration of the English culture to become a date celebrated worldwide. Being better understood as Halloween, the date has become synonymous with costumes, parties and games for all ages. This spread the date turned out to influence other media, entertainment, both as to culture and, of course, also came to the fashion world. Continue reading

Dance and Vintage United in the Photographs of Dayron Vera

While it is true that the word vintage represents any ancient object that stands out for its design and quality, it is fair to remember that we are dealing with a term of Anglo-Saxon origin whose approximate translation is “vintage.” Perhaps not everyone is aware of this meaning, although it is intuited that vintage is much more than fashion or collecting. The vintage also represents the tradition , as rooted in our culture as the dance, protagonist of today’s text. Continue reading

Vintage Home Decor Wins Cool and Turns

Preserves history and reform brings to this House in design pieces, mix of prints and textures
The District of Brooklyn, New York, offers some sorts who ventures in the camp, as in the case of a property that seems to have stopped in the 19 century, a completely renovated industrial shed and this House in Prospect Park, a real find: the five-story building remained unique for a century, at which time it belonged to the same family.

Continue reading

Jennifer Lopez Takes a Walk One of Your Most Precious Bags. Again The Boom of The Hermes?

Just need to the Kardashian display in their Snapchat multiple bags the signature Hermes (of crocodile included) that have brought them Santa Claus so that will lead to a real boom. Is clear that they are bags that thousands of women dream and love but we also have to recognize is that several months had passed into a luxurious background with the arrival of more modern and affordable brands, but this can be changed in seconds. Continue reading

The Handles of The Bags Monopolized All The Protagonism of The Outfit in 2017

Alert malware trend for this 2017! Viral trend alert!

So, today we bring you a plague that is affecting a bags from around the world and it is leaving them in the background. But, what is it? How is it possible? Nothing more and nothing less than the handles of the bags, for this upcoming season I become authentic works of art and they take him centre stage to the fashionistas favorite plug-in. Do you want examples? Continue reading

Where There Is Hair There Is Joy, and Feet The Know

They say that where there is hair, there is joy. I don’t know if this is true, but the truth is that many designers they take it to the letter. The reason? Design models of shoes where this feature He is the protagonist. Hair, hair everywhere. So they want to we visit at our feet. And hey, we know that while one ride hot… dare with one of these models? Continue reading

Cloned and Plundered: The Leo Isabel Marant, or How to View Double Thanks to Handle

This summer has been the summer of the dancers with ties, Aquazzura instigated epidemic and the Leo of Isabel Marant They followed the movement. However, such was the shock wave reached by this boom that the trend has landed in the form of clone This winter. The aim is none other than the design of lace up flats from Isabel Marant, and the result is worthy worthy of applause (or two). Continue reading