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Vintage Home Decor Wins Cool and Turns

Preserves history and reform brings to this House in design pieces, mix of prints and textures
The District of Brooklyn, New York, offers some sorts who ventures in the camp, as in the case of a property that seems to have stopped in the 19 century, a completely renovated industrial shed and this House in Prospect Park, a real find: the five-story building remained unique for a century, at which time it belonged to the same family.

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Bershka Hits of Full When It Inspires in Dior, Here a (Cheap) Lookazo for New Year’s Eve

The first night of the 2017 is one appointment rather than special to risk a little and Bershka knows it. The party is assured and glitters, velvets and more fabrics also prized. But we must bear in mind that It’s been 17 years Since that night in which all feared losing our computer by a terrible virus and fashion all the cards they have changed a lot, now haute couture garments are much closer to the street (not by the price clear) and the sports are the most with suits and dresses lingerie, Why not play? Continue reading

The Accessories Essential for a Winter Full of Style, Do Note Thomas?

Every day to get up there is something that varies in our routine (in gradual manner). That is the way out of the bed, and is that with the falling temperatures one does not realize but do not follow the same steps as in the summer. And to open the eyes behind mind is already thinking on the way of addressing, stylistically speaking, that day. As always, we say: for add-ins. Here are some guidelines that you will succeed this Winter 2015 / 2016 (and in many other occasions). Continue reading

Marc Jacobs Miley Cyrus T Shirt

In New York’s Lexington Avenue Armory, there was the parade of the Marc Jacobs collection fall/winter 2013-2014 under a beautiful full moon. The designer has always enchants us with location set in spectacular fashion and once again has managed to impress although some technical problems-natural. In recent days a snowstorm put totally ko the northeastern Usa creating many problems for the designer, who was to present his new collection on February 11 and not the 14 as in fact happened.

Creative Director of one of the most important and fascinating in Europe, Marc Jacobs, the large expected, in every sense, this New York Fashion Week, albeit with a few problems and a slight delay (marched on the last day of the fashion week), has finally presented the creations of autumn/winter 2013-2014.Needless to say, the show was great and that the garments and accessories for the new season are particularly chic and highly sought after, because that’s exactly what you expect from a great talent of fashion. For him a great Hall, a huge catwalk which topped a cartel and bright full moon. Each creation was lit in a sublime way, every look was more intense, more rich, more cool. No doubt about it, Marc Jacobs knows how to surprise her exigent public, including Sofia Coppola, Miley Cyrus and Christina Ricci. Continue reading

Lady Gaga Glasses Designer

Lady Gaga will touch with his very short tour Milan, in early December, and his Italian fans are definitely delirious from hold. And ‘undoubtedly one of the star most popular of the moment, and every step, every word, every outfit becomes cause for gossip, gossip, photos and comments about his extravagant look. No surprise then, that fans aside, the whole star system you quarrel his attention by getting interviews and why not of major gifts. Continue reading

Paris Fashion Week Elie Saab Autumn

At the Paris Fashion week the designer Elie Saab presented its new autumn/winter 2015-2016 full of femininity and elegance. The clothes of the famous designer resemble an enchanted forest and pristine, brilliant in its nuance, intense and enveloping, that magical atmosphere. Touches of green and blue accents are the basis of the entire line of Elie Saab clothing but, as in all his collection, there are gorgeous clothes firered and tattoo clothing, that short, for sure, we will see on the most prestigious red carpet.

The catwalks of this Paris fashion week are unveiling new fashion trends for the next cold season. These days we have seen a real show that they left without words, so the beauty of the clothes presented on the catwalk. To increase even more the wonder and sense of sophistication also took care of the Elie Saab fall/winter 2015-2016. Continue reading

Alta Moda Roma Fashion Week

Tomorrow is staged AltaRoma, the Italian event linked to the world of Couturethat wind is fresh Italian fashion ‘s big names. After the catwalks in Paris Haute Couture we prepare to admire the most refined and elegant creations created for next spring-summer 2011 big names of Made in Italy and not only within the framework of our beautiful capital.

This is a great period for the world of fashion that mto tapping the world’s major cities staged the highly anticipated collections created for the coming seasons from pret-à-porter to Haute Couture.
The refined style of an Italian fashion house Valentino has closed the calendar of Haute Couture in Paris leaving room starting tomorrow at the Italian properly dedicated toCouture. Continue reading

Altaroma Fashion Week

The 8 July Rome becomes, for a week, the seat of AltaRoma AltaModa 2011, the event that will see parading Haute Couture collections of the most beautiful and glamour of the best fashion brands. The event calendar is very tight and there are so many famous and less famous names that will be featured in this important Italian fashion calendar appointment. But of course, as it was for Milan fashion week, even AltaRoma does not end with the Sun fashion runways , but will take place in the capital a large number of events. If you want to see all the brands that parade and unmissable events, read us the provisional Calendar of the event!

Here is the schedule with all the appointments of AltaRoma AltaModa 2011:

  • Thursday, July 7, 2011 – pre-opening
    30 – text presentationbuzzwords. From A line dress in plus fours. How to speak reporters, tailors, Dressmakers and fashion blogger. Upon invitation.(Rome Chamber of Commerce, the boardroom – Via del Burrò, 147)
    15.00 – book launch Curvy. The glamourous side of roundness. Upon invitation. (Rome Chamber of Commerce, the boardroom – Via del Burrò, 147) Continue reading

Chanel Fashion Show Haute Couture

The rigor parading on the catwalk of Chanel’s Haute Couture, which these days has staged his collection fall-winter 2011/2012 at Paris Haute Couture, which will close its doors just today. A few days for a rally that brought high fashion trends of the season to come. Many fashion brands that have already paraded on the runways of the event, numerous trends admired in shows organized by the fashion house Chanel for its part has decided to take us to the past, with a penalty and a precision that leave very little room for imagination.

In the full schedule of Haute Couture presentations for autumn-winter 2011/2012, there was also room for one of France’s most popular fashion house worldwide. And couldn’t that be so. Great anticipation for this new fashion collection designed for the group by the German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who has decided to really amaze us with his creations. Continue reading

Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Schedule

You are all ready to watch the show of Couture in Paris? From 23 to 26 January, in fact, the French capital hosts the catwalks ofHaute Couture. Great fashion maison will be committed to presenting the best garments and accessories more histrionic for next spring-summer 2012, with a calendar really very rich.Giambattista Valli will be present at Paris Haute Couture as a member in all respects, following the huge success of the last edition. Let’s see who will be the other stylists who will parade with him.

Italian fashion will not only well represented by Giambattista Valli, because after many years there will also be Versace in the official calendar of Paris Haute Couture. Not forgetting Armani Privé, Valentino … Continue reading

Alta Moda Roma Fashion Week

January 2012 is very time parades. The new year has really started with a flourish, with many boardwalks are worthy of our attention. First it was the turn of men’s fashion, starting at Pitti Immagine Uomo and passing through Milan fashion week and Paris Fashion Week for the style men’s fall-winter 2012/2013.Then came Paris Haute Couture, currently underway, giving its high fashion for spring-summer 2012. Soon we will see the Italian Haute Couture, thanks to AltaRoma AltaModa, always hot for next season!

And here is the program of AltaRoma AltaModa, with all the shows from 27 to January 31, 2012:

  • Friday, January 27, 2012 – pre-opening
    Hours 20.00 LUIGI BOURBON 2012 spring/summer collection presentation

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Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

The Haute Couture takes center stage in Paris these days very hot. The next July 1, the beautiful French capital will kick off the Week of high fashion, we will propose the fashion garments of the best fashion designers for next autumn-winter 2012/2013: planned really very many big names of the international style, including many brand Made in Italy, which will surely conquer all with their collection. Paris Haute Couture will begin on July 1 and will keep us company until 4 July, with a calendar full of presentations and events that will show us the trend of high fashion. We can’t wait to start!

The Couture fall-winter 2012/2013 will be held starting from July 1, when the Festival will be inaugurated by Versace that will March at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, before it is closed for a while for renovation. Really a great honour to open the dance of this glamorous event, which has many other surprises in store for us, starting from the collections of the other Italian brands, Valentino, Giorgio Armani Privé and Giambattista Valli.Without forgetting, then, the Christian Dior collection designed by Raf Simons: I wonder how it will be, since it’s the first of the great fashion designer for the French fashion group! Continue reading

Functional Men’s Sports Socks

You will find an extensive selection of socks. This functional footwear is ideal for all sports and leisure activities. The fashionable models are characterized by superb craftsmanship and breathable materials. Special features such as terry in the sole to reduce pressure, moisture-regulating and sweat-wicking material mixes or the ribbed structure offer perfect fit and optimum freedom of movement. Also, the sport socks in some places which are particularly charged are reinforced to ensure a long shelf life. At the same time, a high proportion of cotton promises a comfortable fit.

Trainer Socks for Men Checkered Pattern CottonPolyesterSpandex Fabrics

Discover the variety of brands at this web page! Here will find sport socks from Nike, Adidas H.I.S and many more! The stockings and socks are available in sporty simple design and understated colors such as white, black, blue and grey. Staying active and discover the high quality sports socks!

Fleece Sweatshirts & Hoodies for Ladies

A fleece hoodie for ladies is a must have for you, who would like to have a practical and soft jersey for activities outdoors. Fleece material has the special property that it can withhold the air in small pockets. This means that it both has an insulating and ventilating effect. This is a huge benefit to you, who always does exercise outdoors. One can quickly get the heat while you are training, since your body may well be affected by the cold air. Therefore, it is important with a protective layer to protect you from being sick. At the same time, it is important to get rid of excess moisture so that the body does not become bathed in sweat. A fleece shirt meets both requirements with its thermal and breathable design. So you can be well dressed for the sporting activities outdoors.

Maternity Hoodie

Form smart sport clothing with collection of fleece sweatshirt for maternity

In the collection of sweatshirts and hoodies, you can both find loose fitting and body nourished designs. Several of the t-shirts can be equipped with a zipper at the neck. If you freeze at the neck, you can choose to close it. If you need extra ventilation, you can take advantage of the zip so that more air can enter Jerseys, which matches the natural style. Some of the models on bestaah can be created with a practical hood and adjustable drawstrings. Some fleece pullovers can also be equipped with a convenient front pocket. You can combine your fleece shirt with a pair of airy training pants and a pair of sneakers. During the Jersey you can both use a t-shirt or a top. Create a smart set for your outdoor experiences with this delicious assortment of fleece pullovers for maternity.

Plus Size Dress with Cupcakes

Very cute dress with the fine cupcake print on a light background.

The dress is the classic and elegant model with straight neckline front and back. The top is close-fitting and the skirt has lots of fullness.

Plus Size Dress with Cupcakes

There is a hidden zipper in the back and the length is just below the knee.

The dress is suitable for putting a champagne-colored tulle run under. This highlights the fullness and helps to create or accentuate the classic 50s hourglass figure. The black belt is supplied with complete 50 ‘s look.

The dress is made of a heavy cotton quality with a bit of stretch by hoticle.
It can give them a little and sit really well, especially on a somewhat large bust.

Size Breast Waist Hip Upper Skirt length Dress length
48 119,5 99 45 70 116
50/52 129.5 109 46,5 70 116
54/56 137 122 48.5 70 118

All measurements are in cm, on clothes laid down flat and not stretched out.

Off White Base Tops for Maternity Women

Nice comfortable top/shirt in off white.

Top is super soft and comfortable to wear, and are perfect for having a blouse, tunic or else.

It is manufactured by bestaah in a really good breathable viscose quality. And it can stretch a bit, because the material also contains elastane.

Tops for Maternity

The top is essential in any wardrobe.
It is light and very spacious. You can see the peak end in rating tables, and find the size that works best for you, depending on whether you want a tight or loose-fitting top.

The base top is also available in black, white and pink.

White Push Up Bra with Underwire and Lace

Beauty white push up bras, with braces and beautiful lace.

Push Up bra that lifts and collector is a bust.
It has a hanger in the bowl and an extra small soft coat hanger in the side piece.
It is manufactured in micro fiber and lightly padded in the lower 2/3 of the bowls.

The whole dish has a beautiful stretchy lace. Lace has an elastic band so that the upper edge of the sits and follows the bust. It is suitable under loose and low cut clothes as it is less broad in the sides and the bowl is only 3/4.

Of course bridgat also has push up bras in black.

Bra with Underwire and Lace White Push Up Bra

Easy Blouse With Zebra Stripes

Easy and elegant blouse in gorgeous chiffon with zebra stripes.

The blouse has a fine round neckline and sleeves that go out in a choir with too-and the back panel.

Easy Blouse With Zebra Stripes
The bottom edge of the blouse, the neckline and pit zips are edged with beautiful black bias binding.

The blouse is transparent and can be used with a top underneath.

It is estimate that elegant corporate blouse with black pants
Or as a beautiful contrast to a pair of jeans

Quality: 100% Polyester
Washing instructions: 30 degrees