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Do You Have Scissors Handy? Break The Seams of Your Jeans!

It seems that we we have do birth? a new trend. And that remains to be seen, as in fashion there is nothing new and everything is reinvented. And now we return to our era of schoolgirls where we got the Cowboys and rajabamos them by down to create an effect flared without being it. So again this type of pants that both triumphs today… And we don’t say it, the street dictates it with different looks. Continue reading

Men’s Fall/Winter 2016 Jackets

In a few days with the cool mornings and the warm autumn evenings of autumn we will say goodbye to the summer and we will welcome you in several layers: short sleeve t-shirts over long sleeves, open shirts to show matching t-shirts, or a jacket that I will resolve your life until winter. Our new fall-winter line has everything you need for this season. Continue reading

How to Wear a Oxford Shirt

The origins of the oxford cloth

The origins of the oxford cloth are rather vague and contradictory regularly.

But a commonly accepted version is that a Scottish weaver would have the difficult task of producing textiles for the most prestigious universities in the world, including of course that of Oxford. So he created this cloth with a white thread basis, while working a subtle grain.Compared to a poplin, its benefits were to be more breathable, more resistant, and easier maintenance.

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Men: It Practical Guide For The Use Of Jackets

The men’s style is defined in detail. Unlike female clothes, male options are more limited, thus, the basics in our closet are also less.

One of them is the jacket, that gives shape to the body and gives elegance to who uses it. It is a garment that can be used in almost any occasion thanks to its versatility, but while it seems simple in appearance, having a number of factors that need to be analyzed before choosing the place and the way in which it will be used. The criteria for choosing the appropriate jacket are several, but here to analyse two basic: buttons and lapel.

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Allegri Autumn 2010

Recent seasons have been much talked about technical performance fabric in men’s fashion. A brand with a long experience in the field is the Italian outerwear specialist Allegri which since its inception in 1971 worked with over 2000 different kinds of fabrics. The brand’s autumn and winter collection includes everything from sporty jackets in Kevlar to elegant coats of water-repellent cashmere. Continue reading