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If Tea like Carrie Bradshaw and Manolo Blahnik, But You Don’t Have Too Much Budget, You Can Not Miss These Shoes Low-Cost

The legendary shoes blue satin Hangisi Manolo Blahnik we will always remember it as the shoes with which Carrie Bradshaw She was married. Then thousands of girls have done so too, including “it girls” of the calibre of Olivia Palermo but may never be the champion. Anyway as if these are the shoes of your dreams, not just for weddings but for any day of the week, but you don’t have enough budget to have about Manolo in the zapatero not to worry, Zara give you the solution. Continue reading

Best Selling Sandals of The Spanish Delpozo Will Have Competition This Summer with This Clone

Delpozo has caused sensation, a Spanish brand which soon earned its niche in the world. With side bow sandals they were one of his greatest hits and although there are many opinions about the uncomfortable which are, the truth is that sales were spectacular. When a supplement of this type is successful there are many brands that want to make something similar or also very similar, what fool us. Continue reading

Will You Fall into The Temptation of Wearing Sneakers with Pompon?

I don’t know if it’s own imagination, but every season that passes more trends have their place. You know, for tastes the colors and each year one has of a vast array of styles to go by choosing to create your perfect wardrobe. And today the foot dress with athletic shoes very glam: each model wears a large Pompom at the instep. Of bright colors and simple lines, This footwear is one of the most used by bloggers. Will you fall in the temptation? Continue reading

Why Are Uncomfortable Shoes (A Simple Vista) Succeeding? The Trend Is Heavier Than Anything

Yesterday estrené these shoes are very comfortable! No I bought these boots because it was not holding them a minute! These are only two sentences that we tend to pronounce at the time of purchase or brand new shoes. For years the comfort of the shoes It has been one of the first premises to acquire it and many brands have become popular precisely for this reason. But now it seems that it is not the first thing we look before placing them in our Shoemaker, the trends we can much more and is shown. Continue reading

Aquazzura Re-Sign Summer Sandals. Notice, Will Be Exhausted in Little Time!

Still has not come good weather (to bring sandals) but if there is something that I have clear is that These are sandals that most will be sold this summer and, clearly, that they clone. Don’t have to be very smart to know that the fringes of signed by Aquazzura last year became a real boom (and are still marketed) and these of pom poms they will do so in the same way. We have seen them in weeks of fashion with very low temperatures so as soon as the Sun’s rays accompany a little more I don’t even think the number of them that we see on the streets. Continue reading

Do We Know If Your Feet Go to Fashion? Take a Look at The Heel (Of The Campaign)

This year give the Bell, and will not be otherwise with your shoes. And it is a trend that is to the upside This coming season is the of the flared stiletto. Shoes, boots and booties are presented with this peculiarity that with very little accomplished much. Are you going to fall into the temptation? Here we show some perfect models to try your luck. Continue reading

Emma Roberts Knows That a Few Flashy Red Shoes Can Radically Change Your Look

Having a red shoes in the dressing room is not too common but maybe if necessary. A complementary color and striking can turn a boring look in a much more sophisticated and original, and certainly more stylish. Emma Roberts is one of those girls that are committed by the “less is more”, but that is almost always perfect because you can very well play its role. Continue reading

Ideal Shoes Cos, with Some Inspiration from Celine, That All Must Have in Your Closet

If you have fallen in love with you from the suede shoes the photo I have something to tell you, these are not those of Cos, but they are so ideals and similar (to Celine clear) believed that they had to open this item, the downside: the price is somewhat high, 379 dollars (Maryam Nassir Zadeh). Vintage style shoes are and Cos He knows it and launches this season a perfect for all. Continue reading

Choose Well Your Sandals This Summer

We always find tips to choose the bikini, or the jean best remaining us according to our size, weight, body, etc., forgetting a part also very important of our Anatomy: feet. Now with the arrival of summer, all want to or should we show them, by heat with whom there is no support wear some closed toed shoes, by more monkeys they are.

Continue reading

Warm Feet-Man Looking for Winter Shoes 40

Boots are too chic, sneakers to teen, trekking treads to unfashionable: If men need winter boots, it will be difficult. Our author has gone on the search.

Men behave in relation to winter shoes like with winter tyres for your car: you buy only when it gets really cold, when snow is falling, or if it three times in a row in the morning had to scrape the windshield. Even if it can be then too late to get more reasonable copies.

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The Running Shoe Materials: Present To Your Feet

In keeping with the theme of the last post, we want to provide more specific information about the alternatives in a matter of materials that currently exist when it comes to choosing a type of Running Shoe, but not before again to tell that from our perspective a good Runner should have various types for different situations subject to multiple factors from disturbances in the musculoskeletal system to specific training objectives and/or circumstantial, as already will have been arguing on this blog for some time. Continue reading

2 Effective Tricks To Clean Tennis Shoes White

Tricks Easy To Leave As New Shoes White
Sneakers or slippers also called in many countries, are one of the most used, either by the comfortable feel when using it, and by the sport and youthful look that always gives us, and if these tennis are white may be a challenge to clean. It happens that many times, this has nothing to do with the day-to-day cleaning that we provide to the slippers because, often, the same white sneakers become with a yellowish color like dirty or old (though probably not make it). This responds to the action of the plastic or fabric shoes by the action of the Sun, water erosion, air pollution, etc.

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Sophia Webster Shoes

Sophia Webster shoes for me is like a Ferrari in the world of cars, or a Ducati motorcycle concerned. Although I could also compare them with Jason Statham, the handsome and attractive London actor in the action film The Transporter, which makes me hopelessly insane. More or less, like when I see a Sophia Webster and eyes make me sparks. Continue reading

Party Shoes And Other Styles According To Their Use

The festivities are always an occasion where you like to live with close or dear people, projecting a positive and attractive image of ourselves.

For no one is a secret that shoes are a key piece in the image we project. Yes, shoes say much or more even than one would like. It is therefore important for both men and women to choose the right footwear for each circumstance and situation of life. In Brantano we know of this necessity and that is why we design and manufacture footwear and special leather articles for every taste and need, with us you will find those party shoes that you are looking for.

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New Labels to Watch

Finally October, finally autumn!
The start of the new season brings abundant inspiration in fashion and styling. While our wardrobe is definitely worthy of a fresh coat of paint. The best that goes with new clothes and chic accessories of young designers and exciting labels.
Overlooking the offer of online stores we marvel not more out from the, so cool, a classic winter coat in olive to the trendy Lurexsweater and leather mini works at once.
For all of you who lack the necessary ideas for BB´s autumn outfit there is therefore now an overview of new must-have label for your wardrobe: Continue reading

Ever Natural Escape

It is quite official winter time.
This shows itself not only in the time of conversion, the temperatures, but also because that lambskin are again high in the course.
No wonder: hardly anything feels so soft like natural Sheepskin – and hardly anything is so handy in the winter.
Since it is surprising not that every winter classic Sheepskin boot prevails so, finally he not only protects from the cold, but prevents unnecessary sweating and is resistant and in addition also still insanely convenient. Grade the winters in Berlin can be very cold, when sweeps the icy wind through the streets and on the other hand, it is then again really stuffy in Metro, shops & co. – Since the appropriate footwear is not only a must, but also a real challenge! Continue reading