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João Rôlo Collection at the Glass Factory of Cacém

More than a designer, it is a Portuguese brand. João Rôlo is an artist of fashion, of the feminine forms.  It studies the profile of each client and creates the model, depending on the physical and psychological characteristics. Every customer is a unique case. Continue reading

Learn How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

Do not damage the lenses of your glasses, clean them properly!

Do you know how to clean your glasses without damaging your glasses? We try to always explain the best ways to do this and even give some of the cleaning products, but have you ever thought that you might be using them the wrong way? Continue reading

The Sunglasses Type Nerd Are The Best Complement (Not Makes Lack Have Diopter for Sign Up a La Moda)

#Posturea. Posturea all you want and more. Has reached a point where do what one want you -stylistically speaking – is no longer so bad been criticized – as in what city and/or country you find yourself – and one can wear whatever you want, wherever and whenever you want. And half the world bloggers point to nerd fashion where glasses see they look on his face. But far from being prescription, the model Crystal is pure façade. Diopter is no longer need to be cool and have an aspect of molón nerd. Continue reading

Father’s Day 2017 – Give Some Sunglasses At An Incredible Price

Give Some Sunglasses On Father’s Day 2017

In this article we are going to talk about a series of models of sunglasses so that you catch an idea of ​​which sunglasses are marking trend in this year. Father’s day is approaching for this year 2017 and our father deserves a good gift, that’s why we are going to guide you through the top models of the main brands that are now on the market.

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Milan Fashion Week Street Style

What to wear in the vip front row during the Milan Fashion Week 2016? We often see in the front row of the biggest parades of the world’s most extravagant outfits followed and appreciated. To show them off they are just our so dear and beloved star around the world, fleeing from one show to another, often by changing itself quickly. But why? The reason is quite easy since many of the famous people, as well as watching the new collections, also claim the designers who they invited to the event, wearing the same clothes for the occasion.

The parade of Gucci fall/winter 2016-2017 attended several celebrities, including the beautiful Elizabeth Olsen, who chose a total look in the same House, consisting of a very short dress with a pointed collar, a white coat in bon ton style, a medium-sized bag with the brand’s iconic tape and delicious pump t-bar flame red with big plateau. An outfit like that, at least in the choice of colors, was to Valeria Mazza , again at the Court of Alexander Michael, wore a white suit with ribbons and bow your neck with green flower and embroidered on the jacket and leather sandals with a black handbag. Continue reading

Max Mara Sunglasses

Max Mara presents its brand new glasses, called Jane Sunglasses and are offered in limited edition, are exclusive, beautiful and trendy, perfect for women who love fashion but also exclusivity. These glasses are inspired aviator, they are suitable for women of age and also perfect as a gift for your girlfriends, sisters or mothers, who may already have a soft spot for the Max Mara brand that has admirers all over the world and of all ages , including us Fashion Pour Femme course!

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Ideal Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Selection of Sunglasses

No other accessories have achieved such cult status in recent years such as the sunglasses. Long ago, they no longer serve only as protection from sunlight, but has become an important accessory for any summer outfit. There are the sunglasses in many shapes and colors. Depending on the occasion, the sunglasses of the leisure complete outfit, are loyal companions on festivals or add a touch glamour while strolling in the city. Stars and starlets do it and the sunglasses will be worldwide to a sought-after designer piece. But the sunglasses have to cost a fortune, some low budget can sunglasses, leave to work properly, an outfit chic, sporty or fun. Every summer are numerous models on the faces. Worn, what I like, so that a clear trend can be hardly make out. And this is also the reason why people so love sunglasses but can remain but absolutely individual.


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Sports Sunglasses Reviews and Buying Guides

Frame Shape-Wayfarer

Since the Ray-Ban designed the first and original Wayfarer in the ‘ 50s, has this sharp sunglasses, along with aviatoren, has been one of the most recognizable and sought-after sunglasses. The changed radically eyeglass industry.

In the ‘ 80s achieved iconic status, and Wayfareren style was immortalised in the film ‘ Breakfast at Tiffany’s ‘, where Audrey Hepburn could be seen wearing Oliver Goldsmiths Manhattan.

Wayfareren selected a secession from the passage of metal sunglasses and is now itself a fashion icon. The design is crisp and flippant, and the frames are considered to be a true design classic, which makes use of form technologies of that time. Wayfarer-style with warranty will transform your look.

Sports Sunglasses Reviews and Buying Guides

Oakley cycling sunglasses

Oakley Plutonite lenses ensures a clear view of the road. So your eyes don’t have to exert themselves to see, and concentration will be better. With the Oakleys Switchlock technology can you replace your lenses in seconds. Turn the lock from and select a lens. It’s that easy.

Oakleys lenses also protects the eyes fashion impact and shock. Reflective surfaces such as asphalt and water usually provides a dazzling reflection. The HD polarized lenses stops 99% of genskæret-with just one filter. Visibility remains sharp.

Oakleys three-point fit ensures that the strong and light O-Matter-frame only touches the head three spots. So you get the best possible comfort. Øregreb and nose pads in Unobtainium increases grip when you sweat, so the frames will be seated, even when there is momentum.

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