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260 Years Vacheron Constantin: The World’s Most Complicated Mechanical Watch

With the watch reference no. 57260, Vacheron Constantin has not simply created and presented the most complicated timepiece in his own House, it is the most complicated in the world! This pocket watch is home to 57 complications and its movement consists of 2,800 spare parts. The development and production of this watch took several years and asked three watchmakers of high class work. His arrival falls exactly with the 260th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin.With 260 years without interruption in the watch industry, Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch manufacturer in the world.

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Retro Attention: The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch First Omega Watch In Space

Anyone looking for a watch Omega Speedmaster classic and beautiful will be delighted by the manufacturer that comes out in 2015 an exceptional model. Behind the somewhat imposing title “Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Numbered Edition 39.7 mm REF. 311.″hides the First Omega in Space, first space Omega which was presented for the first time to the public in the world of watchmaking and the Baselworld jewelry show.

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Personalize Your Wall Clock With The Originality Of The Wool

What a fantastic idea! I bring you a very original and very simple way of personalizing your wall clocks , and probably without spending more than five euros.

Normally, these watches are usually finished off the edge by a metal or metallic appearance, certainly a bit rough, which to incorporate in a kitchen or a more formal office does not come at all bad, but if the clock is going to end up hanging On the wall of our room we would surely like to give it a more beautiful and striking color than that silver plumb bob. Especially because over time it is oxidizing and can be very unsightly.

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Tous Watches: Gear Fit TOUS for Samsung

Many girls ask us why almost all Android watches have a very “boy” design. They are quite right in their comments, most of these watches are designed and designed for guys, who usually have a much larger doll.

But Samsung has thought that it can join one of its wearable devices with Tous Watches, branded with many accessories for girls… And the union brought us a few months ago the Gear Fit Tous watch for Samsung.

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Basel world-novelty: Chopard happy sport Tourbillon Joaillerie

Dial, bezel and Crown happy sport of Tourbillon Joaillerie by Chopard are decorated with diamonds.

When the new happy sport Tourbillon Joaillerie Chopard demonstrated his prowess in terms of jewellery craft: the dial of the watch is over and over with diamonds. With the built-in Tourbillon wants the Geneva brand in the High quality watchmaking prove. Continue reading

How to Decorate a Wall Clock

Always keep in mind that with a low budget ideas must be sharpened and get real wonders, like the ones we want to show you today when it comes to decorating a wall clock.

As a general rule, wall clocks are usually placed in living rooms, bedrooms and especially in kitchens. You just have to have a littleimagination and creativity to give it a special touch in a veryeconomical way.

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Montblanc Believes That The Brain Must Be On The Leash

Square, round, autonomous, dependent on the phone, with the Google platform, or without it, few companies are going to run out without creating a smart clock.

Companies that have spent their lives making watches, and others that come from the world of consumer electronics looking for a piece of cake.

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Fitness Watches: The Personal Trainer for the Wrist

Fitness watches are the absolute hit! They inspire all athletes who want to optimize their fitness performance. The small training computers are true all-round talents: heart and pulse rate, distance and speed, calorie consumption, smart phone coupling, stylish accents and much more. With the fitness clocks every training request is fulfilled!

A personal trainer is the dream of many fitness junkies and from now on easy to meet: Fitness watches are the latest trainers for the wrist. As a constant companion, they provide valuable information about the sporting performance of their wearer. And not too little: tracking tapes provide the athlete with all data about distance, speed, heart rate or calorie consumption. With these little helpers you can reach the sporting goal even faster. Continue reading

ASU Cast One Smartwatch

A Chinese company called ASU has created the first smartwatch in the world with integrated laser projector

Smart watches are becoming popular and many companies are trying to carry out their own version of these gadgets. A new Chinese startup called ASU, has come to market with a unique view at this time, a smart watch that integrates a laser projector. The other day we saw as Samsung patenting a similar technology, which also made use of a laser projector to extend the interface clock.

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