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The Modern Street Style of The Week of Fashion in London by Alberto Bringas

You know: active fashion week, week of street style modern & Martian. London could not be less and the photographer Alberto Bringas portrays it with great taste and good snapshots. Before such quality of work and amount of looks that you have provided us we will see them along today in a spaced manner, to get some air to both disguise, I say, own style. What would I think… Continue reading

Welcome to The Game of The ‘Blogger’: Garment in Pledge and Shot Because Touches Me

Today we will play to the Board game most famous (and old) of all time: the game of the goose. But we adapt it to the blogger world. How? Very simple: linking items. What do Chiara Ferragni and the protagonist of the Song of Style have in common? This with? Aida from Dulceida? And this one with …? Then, place your bets and tell me who does it best? Oh! Damn game comparisons, There is always one that goes wrong stop & #8230; Continue reading

The Weeks of The Fashion We Leave Looks like These, Would You Go to Inspire?

I like how the! Weeks of international fashion! And not only for its parades (in our country have shown us that there is good wood), but for the socialite, celebrities and models who come to them. Thus we can find us on the streets in these cities many styles United by a same feeling: the love for fashion. Many of the outfits shown today are impossible to copy, but it can help you to inspire you in your day to day and move it to your personal style, do you feel? Continue reading

The Necks Take to The Streets in This Starter Spring

We started this Spring 2012, with the necks of shirts and blouses as protagonists of the looks from the street and shops. If you want a look that stands out, bet on a neck that attention, whether a neck baby or a neck in contrast with the rest of the shirt. Elegant and refined, the shirts they leave the more serious wardrobe into a basic garment of all styles. Continue reading

Streaks Were Never Gone But Now Are More Than Fashion Than Ever

Stripes, stripes everywhere. This so print life It has never been on our side, but this 2017 has a role extra. Arise in your more extreme version accompanying all kinds of garments, and for those who do not believe, the size if it matter. This 2017 are thick and vivid tones than versions create contrast. So if these days you are scratched… You are going to fashion. Continue reading

Fruits Not Only Eat, Also Are in The Clothing as a Complement

Already we have been saying it a few months ago: fruit not only eats, also is to take to the streets. Our wardrobe is fed all kinds of fruits by which Las Piñas, bananas y the watermelons they are the favorite complement of our outfits. Would you like to see it with your own eyes? The clothing stores now they seem to greengrocer fashion. Continue reading

The Rosa Millennial Begins to Become Obsession: Now Also Is The Protagonist of an Airbnb Incredibly Romantic

Last week we told you about a restaurant in New York that seemed to take the pink millennial to its maximum expression. But we were wrong. There was life beyond pink. This side of the pond, the millennial pink is also wreaking havoc. Accommodation Airbnb in Essex (United Kingdom) is the best proof of this. Continue reading

Size Matters: 7 Big Earrings That We Have Conquered

With the arrival of Spring earrings are converted in one of the most popular supplements for almost all the girls. The variety is huge and by not wearing scarves or too many outerwear can look much more. Are almost fundamental in typical events of the time such as weddings, communions and other celebrations and they now conquer us which are large, those who have something to say in the look and that is why we have made this selection. Continue reading

Latest Bracelets Design

Are you looking for a gift to make such an important person, but don’t know the latest models of men’s bracelets coolest? This guide is for you. We poked around among the new men’s jewelry collection and found many jewelry that can do for you. Indeed, the various brands like Paciotti, Brosway, Morellato, Breil and comets, have made several male bracelets with completely new and interesting look.

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Fast Fashion: Handbags, Shoes, and Green

You already know that Lu is crazy about shoes, right? My passion is nowhere near hers, but genetics don’t fault and I’m quite happy trying some new pairs. In C & I saw three beautiful models: a low pipe boot all worked in animal print(and also had her with hairs all black) and two beautiful and stylish sneakers, a black varnish and the second most clarinha full of sparkles. Ahh, and these pieces I found at Mall Boulevard, which has a section enoooorme of shoes, different from BH Shopping store, which almost never has very interesting things. Continue reading

Women’s Handbags for Use with the Look of Halloween

Halloween is no longer just a celebration of the English culture to become a date celebrated worldwide. Being better understood as Halloween, the date has become synonymous with costumes, parties and games for all ages. This spread the date turned out to influence other media, entertainment, both as to culture and, of course, also came to the fashion world. Continue reading

Vintage Wedding Clothing

Have you thought about how you’re going to wear to the upcoming wedding that is marked on your calendar? A tip is vintage, reusing clothes considered out of fashion today but they can help you put together a look more than special. Online stores are a major source of vintage wedding clothes and may give you ideas.

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Men’s Vintage Clothing

The retro fashion influencing in the present day

The vintage style in clothes always end up occurring one way or another, but many end up not knowing.A lot of fashion goes back and forth, some following the same style of the season, others end up adapting to the current era.Those who know, not all know how to correctly define what is vintage fashion, but along the content we are slowly explaining and how it influences our clothes men.

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Wheel Bag X Backpack: Advantages and Disadvantages

While some people prefer to travel to the beach and others to the countryside, there are those who opt for a wheel’s suitcase and those who love to take their belongings on their backs. Despite involving the personal taste, the choice of baggage is also usually made according to the needs and the type of travel. A month in Europe requires different care than a weekend in the family’s ranch, for example.

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