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Do Not Choose between Your Two Favorite T-Shirts? with The Trend Spliced Do Not Need to Do It

These last few seasons we have witnessed how a fashion of the 1980s became a hole in our lives. The DIY has been strong in the street style, with patches, broken Cowboys and even hand-made point. Home-made fashion lovers will be pleased to know the new trend handmade: t-shirts spliced, with two halves of your favourite pieces. Continue reading

What Does This T-Shirt Which Has Become The Most Desired Piece of Winter?

It is simple, white (as almost all the t-shirts that triumph) and has a vintage logo. Gucci is the protagonist of this shirt that has become the object of desire of many influencers, but also many anonymous people. Chiara Ferragni already has taken on their social networks, which produces almost immediately a boom in stores, its more of 4 million followers fashion fans have fallen in love this t-shirt logomania. Continue reading

The Streetstyle of New York Fashion Week Is Protects from The Cold with Coats of Impact

If it’s so cold that all you fancy is to cover your full, the best thing you can do is wear a coat that plays all the look. A coat that, by itself, make you only deserve the flashes of photographers of of the New York fashion week streetstyle. So the fashionistas who are now in the Big Apple sought the best protection against low temperatures with male long coats, bombers, coats with lamb inside and synthetic colors skins. Continue reading

This Winter Our Sleeves Will Wear Long Hair

When a trend Gets fashion there is nothing and no one that can stop it. And the trigger that is viral again, in the majority of cases, are fashion blogs and Instagram accounts. The social networks dictate what to take and what not, and with the arrival of the cold is a garment that we started to see many (suspiciously). Is none other than the shirts and the jackets with hair on the sleeves. A striking way to protect themselves from the cold… do you feel? Continue reading

Real Women, They Are Chosen by Ouibyou to Show His Collection

Beautiful, stylish, and workers, real women that is put behind the goal to present new releases of the mini jewelry Ouibyou firm. None of them is model but they are radiant, are entrepreneurs, journalists, and socialite and none has too much ease behind the foci but transmit joy and wisdom which is valued much today when almost all the bells of the fashion world are featuring spectacular girls Yes, but also models. Continue reading

Don’t Keep Your Bib, You Will Continue Taking It Even If You Do Cold

If this summer the Dickies jeans were a pledge star becoming essential for many cabinets, we can say that this garment It will still be present now that the winter arrives. And you need only stroll through fashion blogs and lengthen the back entering the shops more TOP of the moment. In Bershka to H & M to handle: in the variety is the spice of each. Continue reading

Eastern Trend: This Fall We Travel Towards The Exotic

If you are looking for Eastern inspiration This fall in your looks, you’re in luck. East imposes its Exotic beauty and refined with flashy clothing drawings, flowers, embroidery, fringes or luxury rhinestones, responsible for adorning each piece, usually done in chiffon, silk or velvet. An exotic touch of geishas, who propose we wear many international designers. Continue reading

“The Royal Tenenbaums” The Latest Inspiration for The Brands of Fashion.

There are films in the history of cinema that they have marked the world of fashion. This is what happens in the film The Royal Tenenbaums and her incredible wardrobe. For the season of autumn 2015 / 2016 many firms have been inspired by the film to create some parts of their new collections. Wes Anderson film is from 2001 and still currently influencing brands such as Gucci, Lacoste or Bally.

Gucci fall/winter 2015-2016

It may be that the Gucci collection for the autumn/winter 2015-2016 which better show Tenenbaums style, they are mostly inspired in the style of Margot. Fur coats, berets of red color, clothing with lacing, dresses midi, gabardine, mix fabrics, tailored suits, moccasins, sunglasses oversized and a marked retro style are part of the new proposals of Gucci.

Lacoste fall/winter 2015-2016

In The Royal Tenenbaums some of the protagonists are the typical poles of Lacoste and sports or tennis clothes. In the new autumn/winter collection 2015-2016 Lacoste see clothing style sporty as Tracksuits in red color combined with coats and other outerwear clothing (both male and female), as well as in the film. The looks of the parade is topped with typical sports ribbons for the hair. Another collection almost entirely inspired by the film.


Bally is promptly inspired by the film to some of their designs. No doubt his collection has an air seventies, but more lady and sophisticated. Looks mix & match, overlays, colors live, sports accessories, and fur stoles to get that touch “Tenenbaums”.

Miu Miu

Although collection of Miu Miu fall/winter 2015-2016 do not drink directly from the influence of the film, if you have that retro feel as present in the film. Looks with mixture of fabrics and prints, aires sixties performed by wool or fur coats. The check pattern and animal prints are the protagonists of the collection. Accessories, such as style vintage shoes and Crystal jewelry, tops the outfits with great success.

Tops Peplum for a Look Very Lady


Sure that in your wardrobe, you have a lot of skirts, trousers, shorts to get and sometimes run out you ideas of how to combine them. An option is the peplum tops What are the summer trend. Pretty well are since they adhere to the body and in the waist have a bit of volume to hide a little tummy. We have them prints, chiffon or embroidered and they are perfect to combine with a pencil skirt or a jeans and give a lady to your look. Continue reading

How to Wear a High Waist Skirt

Increasingly high waist come stood out in the fashion world and conquering your space among the female audience, since most of the women have already joined the high waist to your style. For some time they were featured, being considered a strong tendency, especially in the summer. The high-waist is a piece that adds value to the forms of the female body and leaves the women’s most charming productions and delicate.

High-waisted skirt can be found in different designs, shapes, colors and lengths, varying according to each season and with the trends of each season.

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The Importance Of Sports Bra

Hello!!! How was your week? Already are Friday… some plan for this weekend ??

Every time people are more aware of the practice of sport either for health or aesthetics, but if we really want to take care of our body at the same time that we work in the gym or doing outdoor sports apart from drinking lots of water for Keep us hydrated, in the case of women is the use of sports bra.

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Female Sports Bras For Running, Prices, Opinions, Tips.

Inside Sports Bras that a woman can use, this enjoys great success due to its performance and comfort a garment of great quality at a very tight price!

One of the best have to select a woman inside the clothes running sports bra is avoid many problems! in a race for example average long-distance marathon or Marathon, this decision takes on a more important role, you can use at the same time Vaseline to avoid friction or irritation of the skin.

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Bra Story: Bra Centennial

History Of The Bra

It is 100 years of exact copy of patent number 1,115,674, granted to the brassière, or bra, of the American Mary Phelps Jacob,” one of the first entrepreneurs of the twentieth century”, in the words of Francesc Puertas, author of the book ” The Bra, myths and legends. Manual of use “(Arcopress Ediciones, 2012). Although the bra already existed as such, but not patented.  Continue reading

Looks with Leggings

The leggings have become an essential garment to match any of your looks in colder times of the year.

The leggings can be defined as an elastic mesh that protects the legs. There are many types, colors, and finishes; from the most classical in black, grey or Navy Blue, passing through the wildest animal print or that simulate leather patterned, showing your look rock and sugar cane.

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