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Simple Tips for Washing Bikinis and Swimsuits

In the heat, nothing better than being on vacation, going to the beach or cooling off in a pool.Of course, the use of swimsuits and bikinis in this season ends up being very large.

To keep them clean and not fading, some care should be taken at the time of their washing, such as soap to be used, whether liquid, in a bar or in powder form or the way of washing, by hand or by hand. machine.

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Essential Skin Vegan for the 2017 Fall Clothing

By Carolina Gonzalez

Admit, the fall season Is My Favorite! This month I want to present an alternative to the skin, which is to use artificial skin or how is better known in the Spanish language “imitation leather.” Lately, the term “Vegan Leather” is using this much in the world of fashion… All about that marketing!

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Dance and Vintage United in the Photographs of Dayron Vera

While it is true that the word vintage represents any ancient object that stands out for its design and quality, it is fair to remember that we are dealing with a term of Anglo-Saxon origin whose approximate translation is “vintage.” Perhaps not everyone is aware of this meaning, although it is intuited that vintage is much more than fashion or collecting. The vintage also represents the tradition , as rooted in our culture as the dance, protagonist of today’s text. Continue reading

Inspired by “a Piece of Clothing for (Almost) Every Age”

The Carnival of a garment for (almost) every life runs until October 31, 2016 and I am happy about the many different posts. The contribution by Bärbel has prompted me to show a current outfit with white blouse again. I’ll link this post not at the Carnival, but but it will be on November 3, 2016 – stimulated by Bärbel – a review to give, can be linked with the outfits that are inspired by the Carnival. This here for example. Continue reading

Liverpool Kicks off the Month Rosa

During the month of October, month of support against breast cancer, different brands within the Department store such as Arena, Asics, Braun, Caterpillar, Coach, Converse, Estée Lauder, Evenflo, H & LO, Huser, Ivonne, Oster, Rimini, TImberland, Voit, Vogue Sunglasses and Guess Watches will donate a percentage of their sales to the Mexican Foundation for educational promotions to the prevention and timely detection of the Cancer of breast (FUCAM) to join the fight against this disease which can attack any woman, of any age.

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The New TERREX Primaloft Series Adidas Outdoor

Mountaineers who expect top performance and good isolation from their clothing even at minimum temperatures, see the TERREX PrimaLoft series adidas outdoor guarantees the right piece of equipment. The different models with PrimaLoft filled in wet condition pleasantly keep warm, have a small pack size and light weight. Continue reading

Men’s Printed Shirts: Trends and Photos

Fashion has now created trends for both men and women, and men have been increasingly attached to what has been used. The  2016 Men’s Printed Shirts  are a trend that has already been used and by 2016 what is expected to be even more fashionable. For you to know how to use and which are at the height of fashion we prepare this post that will help you to know better the trend of  2016 Men’s Shirts. Continue reading

Wild Roses: The Outdoor Brand for Women

The outdoor brand Wild Roses is exclusively dedicated to the active women . The Italian design is manufactured using modern and functional materials in Europe. Each year presents Wild Roses two product lines, a summer and a winter collection with approximately 1oo different parts. Now comes the label in more than 14 countries and is represented on the German market. Continue reading

Retro Style: Vintage Inspiration

Perhaps you’ve heard about the retro style, more specifically about a trend: Vintage! Yes, this style is taking over the world of fashion, but also conquer the male universe with full parts references and personality. In addition, it is also seen in decorative objects and photographic essays.

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Turn a Scratched Vinyl Record into a Vintage Petisqueira

Credits: disclosure

Container made from recycled vinyl disc can be used in several ways

The old vinyl record that is all scratched or has songs that do not please, can be reused as a raw material to make a functional container. The decorating object besides being creative is useful and can be used as petisqueira, fruit bowl, pot for plants or simply as a bowl.

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Decorate Your Home with Vintage Poster Spending Little

Know sites that offer posters for free download


Vintage movie posters are available on the Free Vintage Poster website

Anyone looking for economical options to change or improve home decor, can take the internet as a great ally.Some sites on the web provide high resolution posters for free download.

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Do Not Choose between Your Two Favorite T-Shirts? with The Trend Spliced Do Not Need to Do It

These last few seasons we have witnessed how a fashion of the 1980s became a hole in our lives. The DIY has been strong in the street style, with patches, broken Cowboys and even hand-made point. Home-made fashion lovers will be pleased to know the new trend handmade: t-shirts spliced, with two halves of your favourite pieces. Continue reading

What Does This T-Shirt Which Has Become The Most Desired Piece of Winter?

It is simple, white (as almost all the t-shirts that triumph) and has a vintage logo. Gucci is the protagonist of this shirt that has become the object of desire of many influencers, but also many anonymous people. Chiara Ferragni already has taken on their social networks, which produces almost immediately a boom in stores, its more of 4 million followers fashion fans have fallen in love this t-shirt logomania. Continue reading

The Streetstyle of New York Fashion Week Is Protects from The Cold with Coats of Impact

If it’s so cold that all you fancy is to cover your full, the best thing you can do is wear a coat that plays all the look. A coat that, by itself, make you only deserve the flashes of photographers of of the New York fashion week streetstyle. So the fashionistas who are now in the Big Apple sought the best protection against low temperatures with male long coats, bombers, coats with lamb inside and synthetic colors skins. Continue reading

This Winter Our Sleeves Will Wear Long Hair

When a trend Gets fashion there is nothing and no one that can stop it. And the trigger that is viral again, in the majority of cases, are fashion blogs and Instagram accounts. The social networks dictate what to take and what not, and with the arrival of the cold is a garment that we started to see many (suspiciously). Is none other than the shirts and the jackets with hair on the sleeves. A striking way to protect themselves from the cold… do you feel? Continue reading