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Cheap Monday – Customized By Nature, Worn By The Weather

Denim sometimes belong to our dearest companions: uncomplicated, almost everything can be combined, time damn casual times chic. But above all, always comfortable. I personally am an absolute jeans lover and like most far and almost have become misshapen. Jeans is and remains in any case subject and the more interesting I what to come up with the designer to the label cheap Monday could find: customized by nature. Forget stone-washed, the chemically manufactured used look or many years wearing!

The Swede of our jeans trust has his pants since June last year namely subjected to a completely different sample: with rusty wire wrapped, can be placed on roofs, trees slung, buried under snow, the Sun bleach, littered by musty autumn leaves or exposed to the icy wind and, almost rot can be. 30 pants which were presented to the carrier by nature and finally even authentic used look are the result.

The limited edition 30 pieces make only once on the way to Paris – cheap Monday starts: on the occasion of their customized by nature pieces a little tour, making their first stop shop in Paris between March 28 and 15 in the Citadium Caumartin. Who is so drives out from next week in the city of love, should dare go there even a little detour and the „ worn by the weather “ look at pieces. For us Germany Marauders: Maybe the pieces go so soon in series, if effort and demand should be expected. We are Weifang and will report on news of course immediately.

Via cheap Monday.


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