Choose the Right Eyeglass Model for You

If you still have difficulties in choosing the ideal model of sunglasses for your face type, we will give you some tips and suggestions to make

Choose the Right Eyeglass Model for You

Choosing a pair of glasses is not always easy! It requires patience to experiment with various models and colors and one can not go wrong in selecting ones just because they are fashionable or at an unbeatable price. Do not forget that, in addition to having to be careful with the type of lenses, aesthetically they can substantially improve your look. It is imperative that your eye is centered on the lens, should rest on the nose and make you comfortable, eyebrows should follow the shape of the frame and there should be no space between them and glasses. Since each face asks for a different type of glasses, we leave here some tips and suggestions.

– Oval face
Although it is a type of face where you can risk more, you can take into account some factors. You should choose glasses that are the width of the widest part of your face or that go beyond a little. Moreover, as long as they are not too large to hide facial expression or very small that look like children’s eyeglasses, the oval face supports most models.

– Square face
Ideally, you should choose something with more rectangular and oval frames and preferably ‘point’ upwards(for example, the cat model) and never exceed the width of the face. The aviator model is also a good option given that it will smooth the chin lines. Abuse of colored and contrasting stems!

– Round face
The best thing to do is to choose square or rectangular frames on the face and avoid very flashy stems, which should be lighter and thinner. In this case, the lenses may also dictate some rules. Prefer the gradients, since they will lengthen your face and harmonize it.

– Triangle Face
In this case the intention is to create the illusion that your chin is bigger and not to further evidence the forehead, so opt for round glasses, models without frames, narrow frames and ovals.