ClemÈNcia Peris: Barcelonesa High Jewelry for Your Engagement Ring

Among the most important jewels in a lady’s life, it is likely that her engagement ring occupies one of the first places.

ClemÈNcia Peris: Barcelonesa High Jewelry for Your Engagement Ring

This is not surprising, the engagement ring, along with wedding bands, symbolize the union of two souls for the rest of your days in a bond of harmony and love.

That is why choosing a perfect engagement ring is not a task that should be done lightly, who does not want to receive a ring of fairy tale in what will be one of the most important moments of your life? So it is best to start by choosing a trustworthy firm with an artisan mastery, which will guarantee you a beautiful eternal jewel. One of the exclusive brands favored for this is the Barcelona Clemència Peris.

With a long history of more than 38 years and a projection in the highest spheres of international fashion, it is considered one of the 50 best designer firms in the world according to The Diamond Awards 2000. This jewelry house keeps reinventing itself with modern and avant-garde designs that radiate elegance and exclusivity, without the classic air of its pieces prevents the brightness of new and trendy materials.

Gold Rose, a color for romance.

One of these new materials that has made this year’s furore is pink, feminine and exquisite gold, is perfect for a totally original engagement ring. If you decide on thepink gold engagement rings  you can choose one with a row of great diamonds of the best quality or one of 60 diamonds that will make you shine as you deserve.

Black Gold, a color for the modern.

These black gold rings are for the bold, with their asymmetrical designs. The contrast between dark metal and sparkling diamonds is the epitome of avant-garde fashion.

It is also a very good choice for different engagement rings, which with their neutral style can be used for any occasion and outfit.

White Gold, a color of elegance.

The white gold matched perfectly with white diamonds, is an unforgettable look. You can choose a model with small diamonds set in the band and a large diamond as a central stone or an alliance type with a lot of brightness. Although something to consider is that white gold also goes spectacular with black diamonds and other types of gemstones.

You also can not miss the opportunity to check the set and most creative forms of their collections, where you will surely find a unique jewel. Such as this exquisite engagement ring with 143 brilliants and a black diamond as a cornerstone.

Yellow gold, a color of classics.

If you prefer the traditional, then opt for this precious metal . There is always an unmatched charm in choosing an 18-carat gold ring with diamonds for the most romantic. Among the pieces made in the artisan workshops of Clemència Peris you will find rings ranging from pure glamor and stunning to the sober and minimal design.

Yellow gold engagement rings are among the first alternatives in most cases, but you do not have to fall into monotony, give it an original touch with textures, small diamond-studded details or the popular combination of yellow gold and white.

Solitaires, for the protagonist of the story.

Although you can choose to wear a ring of several stones, loners are still the kingswhen it comes to knee and ask the question. In the online store of Clemència Peris you will find rings with big diamonds in pear, oval, princess, round and romantic heart.

The solitary rings are the kings when requesting commitmentCLICK TO TWEET

If you prefer the subtlety we recommend the models with the diamond set flattened in the band, delicate but with the triumphant precious stone always attracting the looks.

Diamonds, our best friends.

“Great diamonds for great girls”, this is a concept that the jewelry firm from Barcelona, Clemència Peris, understands very well when it comes to creating her works of art in the form of rings. Each of the chosen diamonds is of ideal size, without inclusions and of perfect purity, so that they shine like stars in your hands;Giving you a certificate of its quality by GIA and HRD.

It also offers a 15-day exchange policy, a 2-year warranty and a free shipping to any part of the world, so you can enjoy your new luxury clothing as soon as possible.

Remember, an engagement ring is more than just a jewel, it is a sign of love and promise, an object that contains the memories and stories that have passed and those that will come in the future, a jewel whose brilliance will reflect the joy of you and Your partner in giving the “Yes, I accept”. So you must choose a brand that treats these pieces of art with the respect they deserve, always keeping the well-being of their customers as a priority, so what do you expect to give the “Yes” toClemència Peris?


Engagement Rings 18k black gold with 113 brilliant cut …

Engagement Rings 18k black gold with 113 brilliant cut ...


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