Combination of Jewelry and Clothing in Spring 2017

Spring is finally here! It is the most important season for a woman, because we have the possibility to teach the jewelry that we could not use in winter. So, we should try to focus on the most attractive parts of our body.

Combination of Jewelry and Clothing in Spring 2017

You can combine simple and expensive jewelry in a single look, but you must combine everything in the same style and color.

Another advantage of this season is that we can now turn to floral prints on clothing and accessories. Fortunately, jewelry manufacturers offer a lot of options to suit all tastes. The earrings with floral ornaments highlight the beauty of the woman andthe long earrings are suitable for women with long and slender neck according to Entertainmentdns.

The pastel colors are considered a classic of spring and go very well with dark clothes. Of course, you should not leave aside the bright and warm colors in the jewelry, as it looks good with natural stones, such as diamonds, topaz and sapphires.Best of all, these stones are the favorites of spring.

Many designers also included blue tones in their jewelry for spring of 2017. Aquamarine reminds us of the beautiful spring sky and is perfect for wearing onnecklaces.

For business women, spring dictates its own rules. Classic jewelry must have silver and fits perfectly to the office dress. And the combinations of ivory and chocolate in the accessories, will help you to be fashionable.

Silver jewelry is suitable for formal occasions. It does not attract much attention, but it shows the good taste of the person. The presence of silver or metal parts in the business style will give you a touch of romance.

Spring is prone to unusual combinations; Geometric shapes, asymmetrical, simple and complex. This is exactly what you should use in the spring. The most popular accessories also have combinations of different materials.

The nature of spring inspires many designers to create something new and unusual. That is why we recommend giving preference to precious and semi-precious stones.

The big accessories are still in trend, for example, it is better to highlight the fragility of the wrist with a large and heavy bracelet. The beauty of the large and bright decorations can completely change our look.

Tips For Combining Jewelry:

– Gold can be combined with platinum or bronze
– Diamonds are very easy to use with jade or turquoise
– Pearls look great with beaded earrings
– Your look can not look childish, so avoid using jewelry in the form of fungi ,Strawberries and bears
– It is also strictly forbidden to use gold and plastic at the same time