Cooler for Camping Buying Guide

Camping Accessories

For sale, along with a cooler, there are already some necessary accessories in order to make the most of all the functionality of this tool that, by simple apparatus to refrigerate foods and drinks that we carry with us, became a true design object, which all lovers of style and curious objects want to have in their homes. Some accessories are included, others are sold separately.

As for the bags and portable fridge box, those who do not work with electric current, we have the so-called cooling blocks, small dough balls which, when introduced into the freezer and left here for a few hours, they become valuable allies to keep cool all foods and beverages that we introduce in our container. Usually the cold remains long. Small handy tip: If you find yourself without this valuable accessory, frozen small bottles of water, will work the same (but not bevetele immediately, allow the ice to melt a bit).

As regards, however, the mini coolers that run electricity, inside the box you are going to buy, you will find all the necessary tools to do this work (though not always are all there, better to check or ask first!): there’s the cable to connect your device to the mains by home or office, but also that cable you need to connect your cooling box to the cigarette lighter of your car (also useful for campers!!).

Then to split the best dishes and bottles inside the unit, you have to be a grate, just like in normal coolers.

Eye then the handle, an accessory that is absolutely essential if you want your fridge to become by object design and furnishing, a tool really portable, convenient to carry around whenever and wherever you want to go: more useful than that!


You will sometimes have to clean a cooler. Like what we have in our kitchens, it happens that this gets dirty: a closed bottle harm than open, macchiandone the surface, but also the remnants of food or sauces that, despite all the attention that we can escape from the wrappers or containers that are going to use for our packaging.

Here are some practical tips to clean the most of our portable (first remember to empty it perfectly and disconnect it from mains supply, if the fridge which goes to electricity).

  • As for normal fridge that fits in every kitchen, there are some special products in order to make perfectly sanitized lindo: better not to use products that are not specifically indicated for cleaning this appliance according to Andyoutdoor.
  • Let us always remember that inside we’re going to add the food then we eat or drink then drink: better not risk that chemicals that are harmful to our bodies from interfering with our health;
  • Using specific products (if and organic better yet), we will be sure to use a product designed specifically for home appliance, but that he also takes care of our health;
  • You prefer maybe products spray (but watch your emissions!): manage to get even more distant and remote corners where dirt hides more insistent! If chemicals or industrial ones are not right for you, here’s the Grandma’s remedy, absolutely infallible, vinegar;
  • You can simply use vinegar, maybe mixed a little water with a soft cloth and absolutely clean, spend the whole inner and outer surface of your refrigerator, so by having it clean and sanitized to perfection. To leave the smell of vinegar, which can be too intense, leave to air our appliance will be ready in no time at all to be used again.