Country Inspired Makeup

Perfect for fall, country-inspired makeup brings the exact shades that are fashionable during this time of year.

Country Inspired Makeup

With a natural and healthy look, the country girl has to have pink cheeks, wavy hair, large earrings and lace-like clothing, as well as the famous leather boots, much like singer Johnny Cash, Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood.

To use this inspiration in makeup, certain tones are essential. The covers , the brown , the gold and red are the stakes for production to be beautiful and still leave you with that healthy air.

The True Country Girl

  • For the eyes, use golden powder illuminating shadow on the concave eyelid. Ideally, it has a fine finish. Then use eyeliner and liquid mascara to give volume and highlight to lashes. Avoid fading so that the look does not get heavy.
  • The blush is the highlight of this production and needs to be applied to the cheek naturally. Use a specific brush instead of a sponge and do not apply with your fingers. The idea is to look like you just took a walk and caught a little sun. Use reddish and coppery tones. Remember to brush the brush over your nose during application, as if you were taking the product from one cheek to the other.
  • On the lips, no exaggeration. Use neutral lipsticks in shades of pink or brown. For the night, red and dark brown can also be used, provided you can tone the tone and do not leave the lips too dark.
  • To complement your production, let the hair look slightly wavy. Another great idea is to wear braids. If your hair is long, better yet. You can leave some loose ends, including, to give balance and naturalness to the look.
  • To go out at night,  red and other warmer colors are a good request. Glow in the inner corner of the eyes is also welcome. Just dose the amount and do not forget the natural air of the cheeks, achieved through the blush.
  • Skin and nails should follow the same rhythm: use moisturizer with illuminating particles in your formula. They are a great way to make your lap and shoulders radiant. For fingernails, use warm tones: earth, red, chocolate, antique brass, old gold. Retire the colorful moderns of last summer and capriche in the choice of the darkest and most sober tones.
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·         Country Makeup for the day to day

  • You can also invest in country inspiration for daytime looks, you know? How about going to work with that health guy? The key is keeping the look minimal and natural.
  • Dark circles are never a good request. To keep the appearance cooler, use cold compresses to relax the surrounding eyes and apply a concealer. Then use powder to finish.
  •  Curl your lashes as much as you can and use mascara. Even without using shade your eyes will gain much prominence, even appearing naturalness.
  • For the cheeks, just neutral blush in beige or light brown. With the same blush brush apply the product also on the nose, forehead and chin, to get healthy air.
  • To finish, use nude lipstick or gloss without gloss, with natural color of your lips.