Cruciani Bracelets Meaning Butterfly

The Cruciani bracelets are the new must-have summer 2016. If you want to find out where to find them and the prices of Cruciani bracelets read the article.

Cruciani Bracelets Meaning Butterfly

It is now the summer if you have the right accessories, the perfect must-have that will allow you to be trendy during the warm months. Yes, but what it is? There are different and all quite different. It all depends on your style. In addition to sunglasses, the straw bags, wedges in rope or more espadrilles, strictly low, there are also the latest fashion jewelry. This year are all the rage the Cruciani bracelets. Do you know them?
I Cruciani bracelets are made ​​needle in macramé lace and all born in Italy. The manufacturer is the Arnaldo Caprai Textile Group and the original idea belongs to Luca Caprai according to CHRONOLOGICALWATCHES.

The star now make to wanting more and, very slowly, these bracelets in lace with butterflies, hearts and shamrocks have made ​​inroads in the heart of fashionistas who wear them overlapping each other and mixing colors.

Initially Cruciani bracelets were simple bracelets lace luck. In fact it was the cloverleaf why plot of this bijou textile. Seven elements, the same or alternating, to spread like a cuff, of course colorful and glamorous. The Cruciani bracelets with shamrocks are available in many colors: black, white, ivory, beige, army green, blue, green, gold, red, orange, yellow, fuchsia, pink, plum, raspberry, lilac, violet, blue and many others yet! Are over 40 available colors for the four-leaf clover bracelets Cruciani. Each of them costs 5 euro.

Recently are also available Cruciani bracelets with four leaf clover multicolor version or in combinations with hearts. The latter are called bracelets Love and Luck and are available plain [10 euro] or multicolor version [15 euro]. Speaking of hearts, other famous bracelets Caprai Group are the bracelets Cruciani heart, even those available in many colors and cost 10 euro each.

Always this model with hearts was recently revisited by Cruciani in multicolor version on shades of orange, pink and fuchsia. It’s called “an aid to Emilia” and costs 10 euro. The brand has joined the initiative Mediafriends, along with TG5 and Resto del Carlino and allocate to displaced persons in the 100,000 euro figure equal to the entire proceeds from the sale of available bracelets Cruciani in single-brand stores and in all multimarca.Tornando talking about love, Cruciani has produced a double bracelet that symbolizes the union of him and her. It’s called “A promise of love” and is enclosed in a small box containing a bracelet with a heart-shaped lock and another with a key [15 euro].

Finally we want to tell you one of the last born, or the bracelet Cruciani Butterfly. Symbol of freedom, the bracelet Cruciani costs Butterfly 10 euro and also is available in many fashionable colors. This same model is, however, also available in multicolor version, declined in shades of yellow/orange/red or in shades of turquoise/blue/blue and costs 15 euro.