Dance and Vintage United in the Photographs of Dayron Vera

While it is true that the word vintage represents any ancient object that stands out for its design and quality, it is fair to remember that we are dealing with a term of Anglo-Saxon origin whose approximate translation is “vintage.” Perhaps not everyone is aware of this meaning, although it is intuited that vintage is much more than fashion or collecting. The vintage also represents the tradition , as rooted in our culture as the dance, protagonist of today’s text.

Clients and friends who have been following El Maniquí Vintage for years know that this is not the first time that their clothes serve as costumes or props in a photographic production . Recently, some dresses of bride of the sixties and seventies selected by Silvia carried out a session designed by Dayron Vera , excellent photographer and still more excellent dancer, with a curriculum in which we emphasize its passage by the National Ballet of Cuba and, recently, The Corella Ballet, in both cases, as the first dancer. Today, Dayron directs the Corella Dance Academy with Carmen Corella according to vintagematters.

In his facet of photographer, Dayron moves the sensitivity of the dance to the static image.Each of his photos emanates dynamism and plays with the dresses as if the clothes were entities, not only with their own life, but also in constant conversation with the dancers / models.

The first of the dresses, worn by Mónica Gómez , dates from the sixties, a piece of lamé in white and silver. Christelle Salvà dressed the second, from the ’70s, spectacular tail, broken white, guipur and Crep, buttoned on the back.

The beauty of the photographs is undoubtedly as well as the romanticism and emotion that pervades the whole. From El Maniquí Vintage we congratulate Dayron and his models , as they confirm with their work the many possibilities of vintage, not only as a generator of a unique style, also as a source of more sophisticated and sensitive art.