Designer Central: The Gallery Store That Values the Brazilian Jewelry

Designer Central: Jewelry Art Gallery Store in Brazil, which brings together the Uber47 and more than 80 jewelry designers.

Designer Central: The Gallery Store That Values the Brazilian Jewelry

For those who do not know the Designers is a super cool Gallery store there in the gardens (SP), located on Alameda Lorena, 1616 between Augusta and Rua Haddock Lobo, and the good news is that the Uber47 is also there.

The store is very cozy and concept be a Brazilian jewelry art gallery, bringing together so many styles of jewelry with the most different materials, all signed by more than 80 designers and brands, each with your own space.

The story of Designers began in 2008 when Cristiane Maradei opened the first store in the Shopping Jardim Sul (SP), later the brand decided to change to the gardens (SP), in 2013, seeking a greater affinity with your target audience, and gave super right!

It’s an honor to be Uber47 along with so many talented people, Jewellers with a lot of creativity that offer high quality parts, as well as the Uber47. The brazilian jewelry needs to be recognized not only by its natural stones that make success out there, but by your creativity, concept and design.

Formerly bought jewelry aimed at investments, today we bought jewelry for your beauty and design, and the visa Uber47 more than that, the concept behind each creation, the story we have to tell in each piece. Antenadíssimas designers that create nine female and male jewelry in silver for Uber47 jewelry inspired by the most diverse topics, from the Gathering in major cities until jewelry inspired by the SP Mercadão. learn more about the Uber47 here.

And aligned to the Central concepts of Designers to Uber47 are you sure you’re in the right place. Visit the store and find out!

Inspired by the wealth of shapes, colors, textures and patterns of Mercadão Hall of São Paulo, but mainly in the Bologna sandwich!

Accessories such as screws, nail cutters and served as starting point for the collection tools.

The Jardim da Luz, which already was the oldest Botanical Garden of the city of São Paulo has inspired this collection through the beauty of its shapes.

Visit the store:

Address: Alameda Lorena, no. 1616

Jardins, Sao Paulo-SP

Phone: + 55 11 3746 7199

Mon to Fri 10 to 8:00 pm

Saturday from 10 to 6:00 pm