Detail Level: Finamore Napoli

Naples has a special position among sports fans. The uncompromising craftsmanship with a penchant for handmade elements and narrow-cut armholes has become an international seal of quality. Our site has looked at the shirts from the family business Finamore Napoli, which since its inception in 1921 sewed shirts based on authentic Neapolitan black crafts.

Yoke entirely according to the Neapolitan school with clear folds that are evidence of craftsmanship. The sleeves are sewn and fixed caliper by hand, allowing a narrow cut armholes and a shaft close fit with full mobility, which is a bit of a signature for the Neapolitan tailoring.

Ärmisättningen seen from the inside of the shirt.

A woven interlining gives collar Charter, but with a smooth and soft form. Collars with glued inserts risks becoming something bubbly and rarely get the same wavy appearance. What characterizes many of the Neapolitan skjortskräddarna is high and it is often relatively broad waiver between kragsnibbarna.

Although the collar is attached by hand.

One detail that characterizes many hand-made shirts is that the seam between the shirt front and back cover is slightly offset towards the sleeve sömnadsrad. This is a legacy of the customized black tradition where the sleeve is sewn separately and then attached in the actual shirt. The manufacturers who still cling to this detail argue that this way of stitching reduces the load around the armhole and strengthen the movement.

Pearlescent buttons sewn with a three-point hitch stitch called zampa di gallina. All buttonholes are sewn by hand.

A purely aesthetic detail or smart feature that increases the strength of the shirt. Opinion is divided on tygtriangeln (in English Butterfly Gusset) covering the joint between the shirt front and back really serve any purpose. Regardless of opinion, it is one more detail that testifies to the superb craftsmanship. 

The shirt in its entirety. In Sweden sold Finamore Napoli on Gabucci (Smålandsgatan, Stockholm). Price from approximately 2400 SEK.