Dimensions Fitting Rock Fall From the Blades – Part II – Results

Last Thursday you could here at our site read about how we tested that as a bespoke coat from British blades of the shop Tweed and Country Sports in Stockholm. Today’s text picks up where we left off and will review the results of the service and how we experience his coat.

His coat was then finished after about eight weeks to be tested with Karl Oskar in the store. It was the middle of summer and it felt strange to say the least to stand in tryckade heat and try a winter coat thicker model. If you want to be out for the fall it is this foresight that apply to bespoke or tailored products. The coat was tested with a blazer over when it almost exclusively will be worn this way. It set relatively good at first avprovningen but there were two things that needed to be addressed. To begin with, the waist was something at which a minor procedure that can be fixed in place by a clever modification tailors. Karl Oskar needled into this for me to get a sense of the end result. The next item was the shafts which unfortunately was a little too large, which was an error that occurred in manufacturing. We checked the notes of the first measure against no coat so it did not move if any error from Karl Oskar’s side. This procedure was too big for the store to change then it got sent back to the blades factory to be corrected. Otherwise, everything was to their liking.

A few weeks later the adjustments required rectified and it was time to make the final avprovningen. Now, both the waist and shoulders right and it could be evaluated and assessed in a fair manner. When it comes to the big picture so the result was very successful. The fit feels really good and it has a beautiful silhouette and a marked marked waist. The style is classic and rustic which was exactly what we were looking for. Search for a softer design and shoulders, you should turn to the example of Italian manufacturers instead.

The skills of the person taking the measurements is that always everything when it comes to this type of service. Karl Oskar was very knowledgeable and had a good balance in the consultation. His experience of the blades services and products enabled him in a few cases, steered me to make some choices which were positive in this case. Normally, says Karl Oskar to a rock very rarely need to be sent back for an adjustment, but it would take part in the course price. In almost all cases, it is so simple fixes to solve the store in Stockholm in a smooth manner. It is also positive that the store has an impressive selection of fabrics from several good British providers such as Fox Bros., Porter and Harding, Dugdale & Bros and Holland & Sherry.

It should be added that the blades measure tailoring service in addition to coats include jackets, pants and suits. If interested, you can of course consult Karl Oskar who has a good experience of the brand and the various products. The rock that I did sew up costing about 13 000 when the fabric from Fox cost a bit more than normal. I chose a half canvas construction but his coat is excellent to get even full canvas and with hand-sewn buttonholes but then increases the price by about SEK 3000.