Do You Dare with Feathers This Christmas?

The feathers they are a trend that is going strong this winter. We begin to see the first glimpses the past summer, but we have encountered this winter with a great variety of dresses and skirts with these sooo stylish and as eye-catching details. And is that if you put a feather dress will not go unnoticed.

You can wear them in New year’s Eve, at the dinner of Christmas Eve or in a company dinner. They are elegant, sophisticated and at the same time are very sexy. They were born in the 1920s, but as you know, the fashions return.

Elegant dress image is of Etxart & Panno. A glamorous design and coy, since the body is carved in satin and is very cerradito, as well as simple, and merges with the feathers of the skirt, mixed in shades of Brown and blue. A model in dark blue to get out of the typical black.

Carolina Herrera also bets for the feathers in a simple pencil skirt, perfect to combine with any top. And it is that to be black is very easy to wear with any clothing above have at home, from a black lace-up a simple white shirt t-shirt.

The Satin blouses they are another option, as it shows the image. Klein blue, red and Fuchsia are the three colors more in these parties. A more serious but very elegant style.

In Mango all is known its famous skirt of feathers, and has had a good reception and I liked both which is gotada in all stores. Who has been able to get it, there are many ways to wear them, but includes two: combine it with black or a top of the same tone.

In this image taken with a blouse of the same pink tone stick with shoulders to games and black belt to break the key. The other option is to wear it with a black top and accessories nude.

Monica Hoyos It is one of the celebrities who have surrendered to the charms of this beautiful piece.

The classic black dress It is essential in any event, party or event. And this, in addition to feathers It has transparency and tight strapless Jersey so it feels perfect. A design of Etxart & Panno.

In the same style but in dress and with fewer feathers, you can also choose this dress of Mango.

The firm Pret a Porter Lady Bug, I have to tell you that I’ve discovered it recently, surprises us with this spectacular blue dress of satin and feathers in green and turquoise, away from dark winter tones and very close tones appropriate for night.

And pens must not only be in skirts also may be part of another part of the dress, as for example in the sleeves or in the shoulder pads as in this black design of Etxart & Panno.

Is an outstanding look that offers us Blake Lively with a skirt of black feathers and lace body in black and white of Marchesa. An example of elegance and sophistication. You elected him to a premiere, but we can copy it for our Christmas events.

And to complete this post with a look quite striking and tacky, that I hope that you don’t never helpful, I leave you with this look of Lady Gaga, with skirt pink feathers extra long with leather jacket. That Yes, the bag is Chanel.

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