Do You Know the Dangers of Uncertified Glasses?

Nowadays, with the world of optics keeping up with fashion trends, many clothing chains and many shops offer sunglasses and little graduation.  They are identical to the latest models that have come out of the most reputed brands, and sometimes the only difference in aesthetics is the brand logo.

Do You Know the Dangers of Uncertified Glasses

The big reason people opt for the purchase of these glasses is the price and the possibility of having several models to complete the looks.

Do you really know the dangers of buying non-certified glasses?

Main risks

In addition to not filtering the full spectrum of UVA and UVB rays, non-certified glasses also offer no guarantee of protection.

When we are in the dark, our pupil dilates to facilitate the entrance of light. The same thing happens when we wear glasses with dark lenses. Exactly for this reason, unsuitable sunglasses can cause damage. In addition to not protecting us from ultraviolet rays, dilate the pupil, widening the field of entry rays according to shopareview.

The lack of warranty in the manufacture is another risk that these glasses have not certified. The fact that they have degrees or gradients in the lens, forces the eye to expend energy to correct the wrong vision they cause.

What can not miss in your sunglasses? 
Filters against ultraviolet(UVA and UVB) 
Certification that blocks the harmful radiation range 
Lenses with suitable format for the optical system of the eye