10 Street Looks for The Day against Breast Cancer: Viva El Rosa!

Today we celebrate the World Day against Breast Cancer from Jezebel want to add our little grain of sand with a selection of 10 looks from street with pink clothes dedicated to all women who suffer from this disease.

A day like this must dress in pink and let the black for other occasions. It is not a day of mourning, but a protest day.

The pink, a timeless

With the arrival of autumn does not have why mastering the darker trend or the palette of earth colors. The Pink It can be an alternative to consider. In this way we are also wearing cheerful and makes us easier fall thinking about the colors of summer. For work or a party We can choose a Blazer in pink cake that combined with a top and shorts.

The pink Blazers can be worn in many ways. It is best to opt for black as a partner dance, both in the details, as in the rest of the set, top and pants game.

In the cardigans, the rose never fails. It is simple, timeless and combines with a large number of garments. A beautiful strapless floral dress in white will be the perfect couple in a pink cardigan.

Even in the smallest details, such as the footwear, the rose is an option to consider.

Pink dresses, what is your style?

The short dresses they are one of the best options if you want something completely in pink. With beautiful details such as a thin belt and good accessories, have a look quite naive. Again the combination with black.

The choice of the pencil skirt It can be combined with a shirt of the same color but in a softer hue, so playing with the contrast between both garments.

I would like more opt to combine the miniskirt with a white blouse if we opt for a look of two pieces. This combination never fails.

The floral dresses they are the current garment where most can see the pink. In particular we see it on a black background creating that game mentioned.

A special day as this deserves a look as well to dismiss the selection of streetstyle.

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