Christian Dior High Couture Autumn-Winter

Galliano does not stop surprising nor even with the crisis. If the designer last year impacted with his style of estreguerras and created a Haute Couture woman mixture of femme-fatale and Lady of society, now it has clearly inspired again in the 50’s glamour. But in a more daring version.

The collection of High Couture autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 Dior It is marked by evening dresses of dream, a pinch of color and another tablespoon of textures in motion. And so, Galliano creates what all women should dress on the red carpet: precious dresses glamorous and sophisticated, without forgetting the touch of femininity.

However, on this occasion, the designs were accompanied in touches of sexy lingerie exposed. As if the secrets of this woman were half exposed, but at the same time to leave something to the imagination. Thus we can see light, culottes and corsets exposed, but other parts covered by fabrics with textures as the Silk, wool, taffeta, lace and silk.

The colors are varied, we have Red, yellow, roses soft and Fuchsia, but also White, black and nude as a base and even some prints of animal print. Whether Zebra or Leopard.

Galliano do not lose the opportunity for drama, and where best applied in their collections of Haute Couture. The hats with feathers, Palm fronds and other reasons fantastic may be ideal for upcoming Ascott racing, but at the same time to complete the look of the years 50’s with a touch of sophisticated fantasy.

The most wonderful model of this collection was in my opinion simple white wedding dress with some top type corset and a voluminous skirt of tulle of several layers. a super feminine and simple design that can be achieved to a woman feel more fantastic in this important day in your life.

The skirts with averturas front that you leave to see the legs, as well as the layers of organza or tulle that give volume to skirts were one of the recurrent of Galliano, as well as embroidered touches and lace as details of dresses.

A touch of the material girl you could see in their first moments with the sophistication of the style of the 50’s. Galliano It continues to outpace himself without a doubt.

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