Fancy Dress: Pronovias Collection

Femininity and airs of nature are the two main concepts on which is based the new holiday collection of Pronovias 2012. These models that I show you today are a preview of the new collection and you can already find them in store.

Spectacular and sophisticated evening dresses for the most distinguished society appointments. Designs long and short so you choose which best suits you, depending on the occasion. What if I assure you, is that if you enfundas you in a dress like this, you succeed safe. You will be the center of attention of the event.

Personally is a firm that I always choose for weddings nearby and I assure you that your designs are impressed, not only by the model itself, also because to feel perfect. Dressmakers have a special hand that let you them tight to the body so you look flawless.

The length of the dresses are covered by movement waves, pleats and ruffles that it emulate the freshness of petals in the wind. Details to mm with laser-cut, a precise cutting technique and a novelty that provides sublime finishes as in dress color nude the following image. In this way, the curves of the suits charge freedom and ease naturally.

Regal fabrics such as Tulle, double point and the satin they give rise to bright and structured models, that you give us a straight cut and impeccable, both a majestic volume through original folds. Certainly, betting for any occasion that requires tag. Awesome this red dress, perhaps me passionate about especially by the red color, my favorite tone. Without a doubt, I have it to try!

The romantic touch not only appears in fascinates night models, also stains florals emerald or even melt in a vaporous skorts in honor to the 70’s. The latter look far more risky, but original.

Short dresses


Two options suitable for a gala event. Colors as the klein blue, cherry, chocolate brown or the real thing Black they contribute with their intensity to reinforce the classicism of these tight and very feminine designs. My favorite is the proposals of dresses short is this set design Blue klein, ideal for a morning wedding and for any summer party or even already thinking winter, a major company like e.g. Christmas dinner.

Strass embroideries, Satin belts and draped necklines put the icing on the cake to a very soft line, full of silk, chiffon cotton and soft satin, dominated by the dusty tones, as the lavender, pink stick, lemon and green water.

Bright mini-vestidos


Pronovias has also thought about the younger to make us feel comfortable, beautiful and delightful with mini-dresses of paillettes and rhinestones. So irresistible and casual as precious and perfect to wear at night sexiest and daring.

Black, silver or Pearl, are protagonists stones applications. As for necklines, highlights of back, contributing a seductive touch that enhances the curves of who wears it. Tamara Falco and Malena Costa have already worn them in the last parade of girlfriends 2012.

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