Feed Purification Garcia Autumn-Winter Collection

The collection Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 of Purificación García It is one of the most eagerly awaited by all of you. Once more, and true to his style, the designer presents a line that separates the classic modern.

Chiffon It is one of the strongest proposals. We will see it in widths and sexysvestidos or blouses. But in this designer can not miss the touches of rigid and structured clothing in jackets and coats.

Dress of the first photograph is perfect for leaving in winter or a stroll of autumn. Combined with the belt and clear boots is an outstanding look: chic, stylish and fashionable.

The Tweed It is another tissue that will be in the winter. We’ll see in suits, skirts and coats. In this look, we see it in Purple tones and whites, tones that remain trend. This combination in particular is perfect to go to trabajr. Although mini skirt. counteract with closed chiffon blouse.

Trousers are skinny and in dark colours, combined with garments above color. And to show both with peep – toes how with high boots, footwear that he fascinates Garcia.

Dresses above the knee and sleeveless are another of its already common proposals in all his collections. His life in continuous movement gives life to collections that fascinated the woman and accompany your every day, since it’s outfits very wearable.

Dress patterns in ocher, Earth and black the garment are. The length? by the knee, so you can wear them anytime of the day.

Leather It is still fashionable. We will see in skirts, pants and coats, as this padding, ideal to protect themselves from the cold.

In winter, not everything will be dark colors, also there is a small hole for the color. It is the case of this red dress strapless neckline, perfect to wear at a party or at a wedding in the morning. It is also a tone that encourages all.

For special occasions, weddings and events of tag, what better than a long dress. In this step you our two: one of asymmetrical neckline, one of the trends that continue next winter, and the Black classic never-fail.

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