Tell Me Your Favorite Fashion Decade

We all have our tastes: some love the style of the roaring twenties, other the silhouettes lady of the 1950s and other 60s mod style. Even some all fashion, like whatever the Decade and all found their point. So if you still don’t know what to wear this holiday season, but you have very clear What decade you like to dress up, you say the dress more you’ll:

All dresses are of Topshop, We hope that you like the choice:

Twenties: fringe

You’ll love this gold dress full of fringes if you like the 1920s and the charleston. Its price is 110 euros.

50s: skirt with flight

If you like femininity that dressed in the 50’s you’ll love this dress with flight in black whose price is 98 euro.

60s: stamped floral and line ball gown

According to,the 1960s are mod: dresses are short and prints. And if are with flowers, even better. Your dress costs 235 euros.

1980’s: disco style

78 euros you can get this dress with faux leather and slides. A bodycon dress reflecting the Decade’s excesses and the cult of body.

Early 1990s: minimalism

Discretion is your motto when it comes to dress. This Green dress from simple design will be your choice for parties, its price is 60 euros.

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