Ten Phrases Made Fashion That Will Want to Forget This Season’s Trends

With each new season comes the chaos, the end of the world, the erasure of the past, the every man for himself that morning because there is nothing. Each season brings new trends coming to be the same as other many times but with another since bow at the end. During the next months we won’t stop listening to these ten phrases made fashion that we will hate. And if you don’t believe it, you talk about it in September. I do not pay the psychologist.

Fluoridate you


Few seasons have been with the? fluorine in tow? A few. Many have heard the tedious expression: & #8220?;fluoridate you“? And better yet: how many with exclamations? I imagine going through a store so quiet and the clerk comes out between the clothes and stick me with a death scare screaming fluoridate!

The purity of white or a summer white


With the White There are so many phrases that clouds my view and I do not remember all. One that is short of noddle. Thus to the first boat they come:

– The purity of the White: with their angels, Virgin and sky with a warm and sweet soundtrack. – A summer white: less pull than the previous but not dismiss his reiteration of use.

Eat cake

Jill Stuart

Exclamations are cool in fashion. Especially if you use them in English mode and reiteras symbol as if was you I would have stuck to the key. If the fluoride may have its strength, the pastel colors they hope to unseat the dreaded malenis with a claim that make time, original over not being able to:!eat cake! Picueto I am with such wit.

So fresh like a fruit

Versace for H & M

Fruit bad, but others, oh what good! As fresh as a lettuce that grape stock, each year a cuba. After grapes and honey, wine tastes bad and does well. It which chop garlic eating because you repeat like a cucumber. You have a mouth of pinion, you could already be more than the poppy field. You are really more acidic than lemon. Do not take daisies to pigs. Remember: the tomato until auction. If you want to stay healthy, eat everyday an Apple. You don’t ask pears in Elm with this trend and seizes the radish leaves.

The revival of the 90’s


Revival and 90 are condemned to understand this season as they were a little of the former. It is a good time to recover classics this decade to make phrases made the fashion touch.

I already showed a series of hymns dedicated to the world of fashion.

It looks a nice bellybutton


Fashion has wanted to get ahead of the season to wear a flat belly with the fad diet for the summer and bikini with this trend. There is that look the navel. 90 and your navel. That is not suitable for all audiences? True. Very high risk of tacky.

The risk in prints


What a season that awaits us with prints: that if vintage, that if risk, If pictures, yes flowers, if fruits… Prints choose to risk in colorful combinations and taste by the vintage (Yes, again).

It shows the inside of your bag

Louis Vuitton

The fashion of the transparent plastic bags It is one of my favorites in degree of Supreme bullshit. True that there are tastes and colors, but today he still does not understand well what need there is to show the inside of a bag that normal can save pretty intimate things, or even want to avoid showing (wallets, money, etc.). It is best not to show the inside of your bag.

Of city

Free People

Darling boho chic for many, the taste for reformulating one season more hippie style to a modern audience and that it seeks to go light-heartedly studied form. The of city still on the street, still in stores.

The chic sport out of the paddle club

Alexander Wang

Let us look towards New York, or wherever you want. If Alexander Wang or if Balenciaga or who want to point the finger. The tracksuit is in the street, the chic sport out of the paddle club, the fashion of the future is already here… Any similar idea is valid for these months.

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