The Best of the Week in Jezebel: June 29 – July 5

It seems that the death of one of the myths of the music and newly resurrected fashion icon has left us a weekly legacy something mustio, although the month began with a tribute in the form of party his person by the hand of the BET Awards, where the soul divas and most controversial rappers joined forces in their memory.

While, some of the mortals had enough of work, celebrities wanting to change of scenery and some bloggers turned on it-girl like Am – Lul Gala or it-boy as the blog Lorentzo more chic (to which desperately seeks in the form of Riddle Thesil of Be trendy my Friend), began their holiday.

Which are not free of professional duties still had to comply with go Festival, Glastonbury more specifically, the ideal meeting point between famous and anonymous stylistic ideas quite uniform and clone.

Although the most classic have had the option of enjoying a Wimbledon with the very American air, thanks to the Ralph Lauren outfits, as we also had Befana Oviedo.

In issues of style I showed one winning colors combination: the beige over grey, I gave clues about how to put a suit on a special occasion, how to combine the pants harem, and the keys to find out what dress on a day of sales .

And in the classic section of dresses: the navy how off-road chic and dresses for wedding in summer.

If the pass was a week of farewells, this is one week of returns: Returns Madelaine Vionnet, returns Chistopher Kane for Topshop, and in another order of things, Blair Waldorf and her outfits Niña pija, and according to Ally’s Single & Fabulous, seems that Leighton Meester not only flirts with the fashion world back.

Although for forgettable looks Lindsay Lohan and festivities at the edge of the pool… with such paints one begins to think that Benidorm is the paradigm the glamour and Belén Esteban their invoking goddess.

In the section “time machine” you mentioned images of the campaigns of Autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 Louis Vuitton, DsQuared2, and Chanel at AGOODDIR: a same industry but three completely antagonistic visions.

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