Tom Binns for Alice in the Wonderland

The occasion of the release of the film “Alice in the Wonderland” (in the spring), Walt Disney has decided to go his whole recent jewelry line – already very taken of starlets such as Nicole Richie – by appealing to the designer Tom Binns…

Interviewed on this unusual priori, the Irish creator dclare collaboration working on the tale of Lewis Carroll version Tim Burton is like a true tale of are. It must be said that the universed Binns cal couldn’t find better hair than a sc layout don’t end of imagination bridde of the developer of Big Fish. One who has never sit gratigner the image of Disney in d turning the effigy of Mickey so agreed to design a mini line of jewelry e fate accompany the launch of Alice in the Wonderland.

This unconditional fan of the work of Lewis Carroll could not let pass the opportunity to draw freely from the fantastic lucubrations of the latter. Whether it is the famous White Rabbit obs d by his pocket watch, the earthy Lady of heart or still s alambiqu mazes, nothing seemed more to inspire Binns, including the creations have always regorg d measure, fancy are e and d tails myst rieux.

Walt Disney has so screw just entrusting the nes of her jewelry line r This addicted to svanit, vintage trinkets and other Ruby, who despite produce jewelry very unconventional knew s as well reduce Michelle Obama that the British Fashion Council (with a prize of the best designer in 2007). through this election, the American am company clearly displays its d sir to offer its line of jewellery an e fate more creator than 100% fantasy.

That said, if the designer can leave free short his creativity on a s series e limit of six jewels (whose prices will be $ 500-1000), it will also be trick and turn to make them attractive to the 35 ft these constituting the collection accessible to the public, o be found nothing more than $250.

What could be a constraint for any other designer shouldn’t worry Binns, it both used mixer gadgets cheap, sapphires, stones pr valuable and trinkets on his compositions. In other words, he should without difficult achieve design d delicious jewelry, and this without ruining those who fall under their spell.

And if one is enjoys this collaboration in so-called flavor, can only fantasize about other exp experimentations fashion pr views the opportunity the release of Alice in Wonderland, Walt Disney cash not to stay there. We can imagine strong well Roger Vivier sketch a few pumps in the colours of Carroll County, Stephen Jones design of dizzying hats or even Vivienne Westwood imagine also variations around the mesmerizing of the Cheshire Cat scratches…



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