Vie En Rose… Who Said That Was Corny This Color?

I curse the day that someone decided that the Pink was corny and for girls. Because I grew up my whole life hating him and that hatred is now (by magic) in a devoted and lasting love. And it seems that I am not ashamed of it, because it is a so the upward trend that scares me. We already know that the pastel colours are a great bet for this Spring/summer 2012, But if you’re that believes that a thrust lack them, Fuchsia will soothe all your desires.

And if there is something that I’ve been aware along my love story is that in version thick wool pullover feel the wonder. With a black pencil skirt and a necklace of the same colour maxi Andy Torres de Style Scrapbook dismissed 2011 with the best of the ways: style 100%.

And it seems that this girl’s street style follows the Mexican or vice versa: top of her outfit is exactly the same. On the other hand prefers giving (more) life to the outfit with a bottle green pencil skirt, What do you think?

It is quite known that the Italian Chiara Ferragni follow the fashion inside out. Why we must not wonder to see her with a sweater just like the others and the rest of your clothes in black (and Golden details). What you think about your choice?

And for those who worship the skin here shorts an outfit that will mixing styles, prints and colors: pink, black, camel and snake. Result? If you know defend, later!

An early summer

If you see that you can have potential for this color but would prefer to park it most the time Spring/summer 2012, You can be inspired by the protagonist of Fashion Cooltoure: Fuchsia blazer (as the last year Zara), shirt and black shorts. A dandy to an ultra feminine outfit air.

And here you have the classic for when we don’t have the body for many trots (per the style is always present): broken shorts jeans, Converse worn (the more better used) and shirt in this key.

How do you adoptaréis this trend?

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