You Will Take Your Summer Dresses with Cowboy Below, Word of Street Style

When spring arrives, we become completely crazy with the looks of transition. By the day’s hot to wear stockings or a jersey, but as soon as you get in the shade you get shivering. It is difficult to keep the style when you have to walk by removing and putting layers of clothing. Difficult, Yes, but not impossible. And with this new combination made in street style, us removes doubts and cold. You don’t know what to wear these days? Saca your summer dresses walking with jeans below.

This is the perfect formula for moments of transition like, for example, these Easter holidays. You’re enjoying a few days on the beach? Dress during the day without a doubt and, when night falls, the same garment combined with jeans and a jersey or long sleeve shirt underneath, cold.

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This is one of the stylistic combinations that most have been seen during the fashion weeks in the streets, filling our feed of colourful outfits Instagram, volumes and overlays thanks to transparent fabrics as the tulle or grid.

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Would you like to test this new style that already triumphed among the influencers and it girls? Our favorite format is transparent dresses, that you leave to see the skinny jean and the body beneath, creating highly original styles. Here are some ideas for open mouth into the trend that peta it this spring.

  • Dress flowing liquid with floral print of Zara, 49.95 euro.
  • Tulle dress with embroidery of Zara, 79,95 EUR.
  • Dress transparent mesh from H & M, 24.99 euros.
  • Tulle dress with ruffle Pull & Bear, 22.99 euros.

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