Essential Skin Vegan for the 2017 Fall Clothing

By Carolina Gonzalez

Admit, the fall season Is My Favorite! This month I want to present an alternative to the skin, which is to use artificial skin or how is better known in the Spanish language “imitation leather.” Lately, the term “Vegan Leather” is using this much in the world of fashion… All about that marketing!

Essential Skin Vegan for the 2017 Fall Clothing

What “Vegan Leather?”

Vegan leather is a synthetic fabric/material that is flexible and breathable that it resembles skin. There are also types of “vegan leather” which are made of synthetic material combined with cork or plants. In the world of fashion, artificial skin is produced and marketed as a “pet friendly.”

Some types of skin Vegan:

  • They grow
  • PVC
  • Ocean Leather
  • Birko-Flor
  • Birkibuc
  • Remember that just because a product is ‘animal friendly’ it does not mean that it is “eco-friendly.” For example, PVC, is a kind of artificial skin which is made of plastic, which is not good for the environment because it is not biodegradable.
  • And if you do not want to use imitation leather, then at least use recycled leather! Andale invades your grandmothers closet, or better than your mom/dad! Sure they have some jackets of skin of the 80/90s!
  • The cover image credits:
  • [1.] Free People Vegan Leather Slouch Pant (100% Polyurethane)-[2] Boulder Boot by Vegetarian Shoes (Grow-Micro uppers)-[3] Matt & Nat Brave Backpack -[4]. Free People Vegan Leather Metallics Jacket (100% Polyurethane)-[5.] Novacas Martha Boot (Shoe with detachable boot piece)
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