Men's Clothing

Fall 2014 From Belvest

The Venice-based clothing specialist Belvest is a given element here Manolo each season. Although not the campaigns are the most innovative, the company has one of the industry’s best craftsmanship in terms of what you pay. The design is subtler than their southern Italian competitors and this is more about acting without being seen. Regardless delivers Belvest design at the highest level.

Autumn campaign from Belvest is more colorful and eye-catching than what you usually associate with the manufacturer. At the same time, we need more than the blue and gray business suits to a lookbook or campaign and the company’s base still focuses on discrete suits in exclusive and sober fabric type. Material choices feels exclusive and although a coat or blazer is a okonvensionell nuance is often saturated tone and garments feels surprisingly wearable.

The design is full canvas with a wide variety of hand-finished details. Absoulut price level is not low, but compared to, for example, Cesare Attolini, Kiton or Tom Ford offers you a lot of crafts for about half the price tag.


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