Fashion 100% British to Celebrate The Jubilee of The Queen and The Olympic Games

With the Jubilee of Queen Isabel II and the next London Olympics many British brands have taken advantage to take a capsule collection 100% British. Both the British and the Americans are much to exalt its flag in clothes and accessories and have managed to turn them into a logo. In Spain is not that case, but these safe days we see many people with the t-shirt of the Red due to the euro, although it is not the same. It might seem that clothing made for the Jubilee and the Olympic Games is an operation of merchandising more or tourist souvenirs, but not so, have known to mix fashion and patriotism in a very successful way.


A t-shirt with the plane of the London underground or the British flag are perfect to wear with jeans or shorts jeans. We also have a mini top or a t-shirt with a scottish terrier to combine in different occasions.

Dorothy Perkins has opted for t-shirts with landmarks of London or customs of United Kingdom, as tea.

Pants, tights, leggings…

With the British flag leggings, stockings and socks up to have in Topshop. I do not know you think mix but a touch brit is not bad.

Dresses, sets…

As for dresses and sets I have not seen them too successful. For the fans of the English Royal Guard soldiers you have some leggings with top set of TopShop, with the print. The dresses are very simple and casual, with logos or British messages of Dorothy Perkins.


A point brit in our jewellery-hand of Accessories that has brought together different designers of jewels and jewellery British for a special collection.


Bags, scarves, wallets, cases for mobile…You can have almost any accessory british without falling into the tacky.

And for more freaks: Punk doll brush to clean the dishes, paper with the British pattern, real rope dolls, Tea Cup, of London and book 3D book on the style of Queen Isabel II. All of Topshop.