Fashion Party for Pregnant Women

Is there something more distinctive than the brightness New Year ‘s Eve? For the last night of the year takes the opportunity and saw a look with bright touches of glitter, brilli-brilli and beads. Dresses, jackets, pants, tops and accessories that help you highlight your pregnancy and those who go too comfortable.

The glosses are not because garments appear only on holidays, but also are found in more casual clothes. In babies and we give ideas to shine like a star in the Christmas holidays.

Jersey topos

White dot jersey with dots in silver with loop of, for 29,99 euros.

Dress with studs

Sexy strapless dress in black with gold colored tacks on Kiabi for 19.99 euros.

T with glitter heart

White cotton shirt with message and sequined heart of C & A, for 19.90 euros.

Jersey with beads

Maternity Jersey in gray wool with bright beads embroidered Topshop Maternity, for 64 euros.

Dress with sequins body

Straight style dress with sequins in black body color and draping neckline Mamalicious, for 39.95 euros.

Dress colored orchid

Empire cut dress with embroidered orchid colored sequined bodice Asos Maternity, for85.72 euros.

Victorian Dress

Pastel pink dress with glittering ornaments in black Asos Maternity, for 107.15 euros.

Blue Dress Navy

Fitting dress in navy blue with details in bright collar New Look, for 17,99 euros.

Top with hearts

Top nude color with hearts with golden sequined Asos Maternity, for 30 euros.

Jersey gold

Jersey fine knit sequined gold lurex the same shade of Alía, by 29,99 euros.

Garnet Dress

Chiffon dress garnet cross detail neck with beads glitter of Little Mistress Maternity, for 88.57 euros.

Top with gold neck

Top in black with detail on the collar of gold beads Alía, for 29,99 euros.

Dress metallic lace

Straight dress in black with lace body black and gold of Paper Dolls Maternity, for 28.57 euros.

Top sequined navy

Top in navy blue sequined trimmed the same shade of Isabella Oliver, for 72 euros.

Plumed gold

Golden color padded and hooded feathery hair Noppies, for 119.99 euros.