Fashion Trends Winter 2013

Brrr, it’s cold outside! It ‘s time to show off an outfit suitable for the ice season! Why not choose the blue, in its many shades? It ‘easy to wear and very suitable for parties!

The course freezing temperatures do not help, because they force us to dress in layers to not hibernate and make us lazy in choosing our look. But why not draw inspiration from nature? S e are surrounded by frost, then we become the true queens of the ice!
How to do? Just choose the right shade at all times of the day!

One day a thousand reflections

it is important to choose a palette of bright shades, played in conjunction with the silver gray: washed-out jeans with bleached fabric, a sweater with delicate metallic sheen (Michale Kors) and many accessories on the pastel shades of blue for the outfit from day one comfortable bag in leather folder to bring cross-slung, very current round (Zatchels, Cambridge Satchel Company), a bright and important bracelet (Lanvin), a necklace with a luminous snowflake and a pair of handmade earrings Swarovski , in the shape of glittering Christmas fir and inspired by the festive songs (Let It Snow – Daffodil Bijoux).

One night creepy

For the outfit evening, perfect deep blue, mainly for the retro style dress with thin black waist belt (Fashion Union) and décolleté suede (Lipsy) with concealed platform and stiletto heel. Accessorise with black stockings, a little bag slung by night with metallic silver profiles (SammyDress), a flower for the hair or pinning sull’abito (John Lewis), and a neck warmer in wraparound jersey (Friis Company). Important to maintain the same shade of blue, as being very bright would immediately notice any discoloration. The special black let you wash it all down with the classic black wool coat, timeless.

A makeup frozen

At any time of the day you can choose a blue makeup, especially if you have dark or brown eyes.
For the days you prefer a pencil line along the lower lid, colored sugar paper, to match a silver eye shadow, which give definition a dark gray along the orbital groove, naturally emphasizing the lashes with a lot of mascara. Nail choose a nail polish in the same pastel tones, very elegant. If you dare, try a blue lipstick (Viva La Diva), allowed only if you keep your eyes just loads! For the evening, go-ahead to a more defined makeup and graphics, on electric blue, maybe glitter and surrounded by black eyeliner: on nails, the same shade of blue glitter make no mistake. to profumarvi choose the pretty soap with snowflake (Gianna Rose) and a perfume angel snow (Thierry Mugler Angel). Now you really have no reason to fear the ice!