Fashionable Ways to Wear Leggings

Leggings is comfortable, beautiful and, moreover, trendy this season for the type of clothing. With them it is not difficult to create original clothing for every occasion of life, so they have become a favorite subject in wardrobe fashion.

Fashionable Ways to Wear Leggings

Beautiful Leggings

The choice of models is quite large. The designers experimenting with materials, decoration, color and even in length. What leggings choose depends on your figure and preferences. Most modern versions:

  • leggings brilliant;
  • leggings black, decorated with crystals on both sides or bottom;
  • leggings made of different materials;
  • leggings bright colors and floral printom (incidentally, became popular Norwegian figure).

Fashionable Ways to Wear Leggings 3

Most current length of summer – 7/8. But, of course, could easily be worn short or as long models.

What to Combine with Leggings?

Fashion leggings “hand” of those girls who like to dress both simple and refined. A few examples with which to combine this garment:

Fashionable Ways to Wear Leggings 2

  • Work can be placed dark gray or black leggings elongated blouse and jacket.
  • Walk head colored losinah take into their neutral pastel supremacy as a tunic or cardigan.
  • To study the suitable denim, blue or white leggings complete with dress, long sviterom.
  • The party will become a star if you put leggings with bands Paste, or leather top model, Maicon and extravagant accessories.

Fashionable Ways to Wear Leggings 1

Shoes in the subject suitable wardrobe each. Everyday you prefer more comfortable shoes, as well as for festive events take shoes, sandals or electricity.

Wear leggings can not only girls but also polnenykie, only it seems, select free extended peak.