Foot Bracelets

Women wore bracelets on his feet since the time of the Bronze Age, it is often the decorative tribal affiliation, marital status of its owner or service of some kind of deity.

Today, decorating the ankle for a sacred meaning is not given, now it is just a stylish accessory that can focus on the style and individuality of women.

Chain Bracelet

Today, the most common type of leg braceletla is a string, which is long enough to surround the ankle. In general, do these ornaments of precious metals – gold and silver. They are suitable in almost any situation – and the party, and on the beach, and walking across the boulevard. Gold and silver bracelet on his leg can be compared with metal earrings – they are versatile and can easily in all styles. The main thing that goes well with the claw, for example, for night activities, you can choose from elegant sandals thin straps, and for the station – shoe on a stable single platform. The only limitation is strict dress code office – etiquette rules do not allow the appearance of the ladies without tights or stockings, even in the strongest heat, and in Capron wear bracelets ugly and impractical.

Of particular concern in recent years have become bracelet with charms – pendants or beads, which can be selected on mood and in combination with other clothing and accessories.

Metal bracelets, rings

metal bracelets, rings, and earrings principauxboucles Congo, it is part of the image in ethnic style. Therefore, they must wear appropriate clothing and accessories. This can be a tunic in the African style, Mexican ponchos, the Indian sari or Afghani trousers, unnoticed this image does not rest, and the bracelets tinkling melody will draw attention to it. If you do not want to make a splash, you may be limited to a ring at the ankle and prints with motifs enicheskimi T-shirt combined with a short denim skirt and comfortable sandals.

This same leg bracelets can be worn as barefoot sandals in Indian style with the track links or stones with one of your fingers. These decorations are either barefoot or with very open summer shoes.

Lace leg

All sorts of trinkets feet précédentpopulaire acquired without the hippie era. Generally, it was a leather lace, decorated with beads, feathers, crystals. Each element of the decor has been given a certain value. Moreover, this accessory is not exclusively female, male hippies also loved wearing similar bracelets. Today, this decoration perfectly fit the casual style or boho chic. As for shoes, do not wear a bracelet with studs, classic pumps or patent leather shoes. It is much more appropriate to be a combination of simple lace legs with ballet flats, sandals or Converse textiles.

Strap on leg

There are unusual bracelets walk parsangle fixing resembling the principle of the clock. They are not very common to see in the streets, but they look very impressive. Often these bracelets are equipped with a large flower of the skin, or even a small square shaped bag. The most common accessories are saturated with color and varnish, so they should be especially careful to pick up shoes. Ideal if skin tones are identical, but it is possible to play on the contrast or combine two similar colors, for example, your real ivory and powder. It should also be borne in mind that a great accessory ankle automatically mean high heels, to facilitate the visual image and stretch my legs.