Gianni Fashion Accessories

The economic crisis parades with Gianni Malaka and is great protagonist not only the headlines of the last few days but also of AltaRoma AltaModa runways for next spring-summer 2012. After seeing the dress that Guillermo Mariotto Gattinoni dedicated to Mario Monti, hoping for a new Renaissance, here also the maison Gianni Malaka is inspired by the economic situation of the moment. But that’s not all: her Couture line speaks of a series of crises that are part of our lives. Seven crisis we’d all like to avoid.

In the days of AltaRoma AltaModa for next spring-summer 2012 fashion designers don’t want to divert attention from the serious problems that the world is going through, really since the severe economic crisis that we are facing with tears and sacrifices. Among the seventeen dresses that are part of the collection of Gianni Molaro, there are seven who speak of very serious forms of crisis.

Besides the economic crisis, which one senses in an outfit that bears the symbol of the euro, we have the crisis of love, with a huge red heart-broken, crying spells, with umbrellas parading on the catwalk, the sexual crisis, nervous breakdown, the identity crisis, but also the mystical crisis, represented by length with blue skirt adorned with clouds and stars.

The collection of Gianni Malaka is closely linked to the present, with high fashion solutions that are not lacking of transgression, originality and curiosity. Beautiful white evening dresses made with silk and organza, without forgetting the jackets that become quite bulky and theatrical. Delicious the gown that seems created by an artist.

Baroque Haute Couture creations, which make a fine show in an edition of AltaRoma really very interesting!