Glasses: The Trends of Autumn

The arrival of a new season is always a good reason to debut new glasses, whether dark or graduated. To be fashionable you just have to follow the trends of the season and discover the formats and colors that suit you best.

Glasses The Trends of Autumn

There are glasses that reinvent themselves decade after decade and there are more recent trends that come together to transform the glasses and make them an essential accessory for our face.

Autumn is, par excellence, a time of less vibrant colors, of more discreet glasses. But it does not necessarily have to be. In 2016, we discovered some trends in autumn fashion that you will want to try out:


There is no way to resist dark glasses whose color varies according to the natural light and reflections they capture. They fit well on most faces and there are models for all tastes: round, bluish, more or less discreet.


The fashion is the frames in transparent or translucent tones that allow your face to stand out. You can combine a translucent frame with warmer tones or even with ‘tigress’ rods.


They adapt to any season and depend exclusively on personal taste, because the ‘tigress’ style frames fit every type of look. In sunglasses or graduates, they are a guaranteed choice. You just need to choose the right format for you!


The big trend this autumn is the round lenses, in color frames and more discrete formats, both in graduates and in sunglasses. There are faces on which these models fit best, but it pays to experience the effect of the more rounded glasses on your face.


All shades of blue are in fashion this fall, with a highlight in navy blue. The cold season begins, and the blue always looks good with jeans, dark coats or high boots. Difficult will be to choose only one pair of glasses and another one with sunglasses!


But autumn can also be hot and sensual. Red is the best color to contrast with the rain, the arrival of the cold to receive the beginning of the holiday spirit. The red-toned frames are less discreet and require faces ready to stand out!

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