Glasses Trend: Turtle Pattern

One of the trends that accompanies for several seasons the world of optics is the turtle pattern.  Do you know why they are nicknamed ‘turtle pattern’? Because the stuff with which they are made is even the turtle’s hull!

Glasses Trend Turtle Pattern

Whatever the shape of the frame, the brands have bet on this pattern season after season. 
It is a pattern that may have some variants in tones: there are frames that have more brownish tones and other models with more golden tones. They are colors that combine with lighter skin tones and darker, different hair tones. It is up to a standard that matches other patterns… they are frames that you can use 7 days a week that will not be enough for sure!

The famous”tortoise glasses” have been known since the 19th century, and have versions for both the female audience and the male audience. They are mainly versatile models: some more discreet, ideal for formal occasions; Other models have a more relaxed look for day-to-day situations, for less formal rides and events. 
The shapes of the frame also vary, there are a few more square, round or even the classic aviator style, there are shapes for all tastes and faces. If you are a person who likes to risk your style, there are also more flashy frame formats with more personality according to

The turtle-pattern sunglasses are used by celebrities around the world and are present in the everyday fashion looks of the most influential people. 
Here are some suggestions on how to use this pattern, which is certainly a trend to last in the world of optics.

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