Men's Clothing

Glencheck Checkered

Glencheck pattern is a particular feature of the autumn wardrobe. Both of costume accessories, but perhaps primarily as patterns to odd jacket. Our site has selected some favorites.

When basic wardrobe with gray and navy blue single-colored costumes starting to feel complete is a blazer or suit in glen check fabric often a natural step. In the past, glen check suit-quite a common element in fashion, but today it is worn perhaps mainly odd jacket. The advantage of a uniform costume is that it really is possible to maximize the usage occasions by wearing pants and jacket separately. For example, a solid-colored navy blue blazer and glen check plaid pants a brilliant combination.

Color-wise, gray perhaps the most classic choice, although Brown is a good alternative that gives a little warm feeling. If the fabric has a subtle color stripe gladly take it in any other part of the upholstery as the shirt or the color tone of the handkerchief without matching becomes too obvious. Since the pattern itself is quite influential, it is important to choose the other garments with care. Do you want to wear, for example, a plaid or striped shirt, it is important that the pattern scale is smaller than the jacket to avoid looking like a grid. Another good tip is to break the regular grid with a spotted or paisley patterned tie, scarf or handkerchief.

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