Gloves & Mitts Reviews

Mitts keep your hands and fingers warm when it is cold outside. They are very similar to mittens and gloves – but the difference is that they have one compartment for the thumb and one for the remaining four fingers. Typically a pair of mitts also more heat than a pair of mittens, but they’ll probably always be combined with a warm coat and a scarf when you go out in the winter. Mitts has the same function as a pair of winter boots – to keep a part of the body warm – but it does not necessarily mean that mitts need only be practical. They are available in many fine varieties and can look very stylish addition with a cloak and a pair of leather boots. Brands like Nümph and Asos has a selection of fine mitts, which not only has practical reasons. However, they have some movement restrictions, since it is not possible to use all five fingers separately, as you can chosse gloves and mittens on the qna site.

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