Guess Handbags Autumn Winter

Today let us see the advertising campaign Guess dedicated to accessories, jewelry, shoes and bags are the stars but we must recognize that the bags are dominating the scene and take over. The Guess bags are beloved by women, are cute, trendy and feminine and the prices are not prohibitive either as Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada, are not at the levels of Carpisa but with some sacrifice, and especially in times of balances with Guess you can indulge in some whim.

The advertising campaign Guess for accessories is trendy and cute, this time we have a one-adv face but we can recognize some of the hype bags that we saw a few weeks ago also related to clothing.

The adv Guess is very cute, conveys perfectly the intimate and passionate relationship between a girl and her accessories, shoes, handbags and jewelry it is essential to be beautiful and to make us feel comfortable, perfect for every occasion.

The testimonial is the beautiful backpacks which has already been the previous Guess campaigns aimed . Paul Marciano about this campaign, he said: Our brand is based on the image and the GUESS image refers to sex appeal, all ‘joy and a general mood of seduction that captures the attention of consumers. This campaign shows how the accessories offered by us for the fall season offer the perfect combination of these essential ingredients.”

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