Guide to Wedding Dress

A brief Guide to wedding dress: when you find it, select it and order it and how to schedule the trials before the wedding. Everything you need to know about that that very often becomes a grueling search.

Some brides have clear ideas: they already know the type of dress you will wear on their wedding day, they know where to look and are quite tracks even on single step involving research and buying a wedding dress. Then there are also those who are groping in the dark, those who had clear ideas but then they find that the dress you dreamed was not up to expectations and instead bombarded by recommendations of friends, which often are not really good tips. Here is a short guide which will guide you in the search for the perfect wedding dress mentioned on

When it’s tried?

Whether you want to make you make a custom wedding dress from a seamstress, whether you plan to go for a ride in the ateliers of the city’s most beautiful, would it be worth to browse some 9 or 10 months on average magazine prior to the wedding date. Just to begin to take a look and see if your idea of wedding gown suits those who are wedding trends of the moment. Once clarified the ideas, at least approximately, it is time to start looking around to see if indeed what you want within your budget. Dream big is fine, but better to collide with reality as soon as possible.

About six months before the wedding you should already have chosen the gown, or at least identified those two or three models that could go. At this point, block all reprove them your wedding dress and go to the next step: finding the right shoes to dress but also to your needs, unfortunately it is not always an easy task!

Three, maximum four months before, not more, we start with the real first test of the gown, that together with the seamstress, for any changes, which are usually the order of the day. For the first round you already possess, so that the seamstress can shorten the dress in relation to heel height, and possibly even of underwear to wear, to make sure that any changes should take account of the Bra padding.

L’ final test of the gown you will make it one month before: at this point we should stop any diets too drastic, as you risk that the dress will become broad and it is said that there is time to do an additional touch-ups. Finally, the dress will be withdrawn a week before the wedding and for safety we should try it again.