25. Successful Women in The World of Fashion

They are beautiful, elegant, stylish and have good jobs. And not, when I speak of 25 women more chic world of fashion I do not mean nor the fashion gurus as Rachel Zoe or Anna Wintour, not even the top models, whether of the past or current.

Normally their names do not resonate in the social pages, nor in the fashion magazines; they are the geniuses behind the lenses, the catwalks and first tribute pays them. Style.com has released a list with the creators of style, those who achieve the perfect level of of quilibrio between a bag, shoes, dress, and everything we see on the stage or magazines.

They are publicists, managers, stylists and image creators without which the best collection, nor the top more in the moment, or designs, shows and catwalks would be possible. They are those who have the secrets to hand, who create and give life to this industry. They are the wizard of Oz behind all the scenery. The message is straightforward: there is no need to be in front to achieve success.

They work for the best companies, as Calvin Klein, Valentino, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, the most widely read magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar or In Style; they rub shoulders with designers, models and celebrities without the price that fame implies, they have good wages, good jobs and are great. So the next time you hear the name of Ali Wise, Bonnie Morrison, Eugenia Gonzalez, Julia Von Boehm and Pearl Lee or Victoria Traina they are not some unknown, but synonymous with triumph and style.

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