5 Tips On How To Use White T-Shirts

One of the pieces of less cost are definitely t-shirts.

I have many different colors. This is one of the pieces that can save you in one of those days in which the inspiration and motivation do not appear.

In addition the wonder of them is that you can have a look relaxed to one very chic just add accessories, and if you add a jacket already have a casual look.

This time I want to share with you tips from aristmarketing.com in case you want to use white t-shirt.

1 Analyze If You Favour The Type Of Fabric:

You have to take into account what kind of fabric are before buying them. The more cheap it is, thinner fabric will be and when it is white, you can reveal your underwear. So as I have another tip…

2 Use Skin-Colored Underwear:

You must wear a bra or bra that is as close to the color of your skin. Don’t use dark because you will notice your underwear. Also used parts that do not have much detail because this type of t-shirt reveals much.

3 Purchase One With “Built In Bra”:

Today day sold t-shirts with reinforcement in the part of the breast so that it is not necessary to use support. This greatly facilitates things and so don’t have to worry about the color of underwear that you use. Also are super comfortable… the master.

4 Buy One Size Larger Than Usual:

In my case, this is what I do with t-shirts. If you are very senidas brand everything too so if you do not want your “love handles” exposed as a size larger than is ideal. Another option may be to use a girdle, but never forget to use color more clearly as you can. Use t-shirts pegaditas this super if you have a spectacular torso and a flat stomach.

5 Accessories

A simple t-shirt looks very different depending on the accessories that you use with it. So I want to show you this time, looks great with high-heeled shoes and accessories.

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