Carlos Diez, Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011 at The Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

The parade of Carlos Diez It is one of the most expected in the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. Its front-row are filled with friends who do not want to miss the creations of this designer who never ceases to amaze.

This afternoon I presented his proposals for the next autumn-winter 2010-11, which taught us a new record. Gone are the coats of yellow hair, or his monkeys with wigs stamped.

As newcomers from space, many models of the parade, wearing total look in silver. From coats, pants or bags.

A part of the parade was invaded by garments with skulls, as this wonderful sweater. Homage to? Alexander McQueen?

All models (both them, and them) were plugged into each output face.

The supplements had a leading role, especially a giant backpacks that appeared during all the parade. Footwear was commissioned Converse, as always when it comes to of Carlos Diez.

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