Cloned and Plundered: The Leo Isabel Marant, or How to View Double Thanks to Handle

This summer has been the summer of the dancers with ties, Aquazzura instigated epidemic and the Leo of Isabel Marant They followed the movement. However, such was the shock wave reached by this boom that the trend has landed in the form of clone This winter. The aim is none other than the design of lace up flats from Isabel Marant, and the result is worthy worthy of applause (or two).

Little can be said about the clone has launched Mango, the color and material of the design are the only differences between the original dancers from Isabel Marant and these, as well as its price, of course. 49.99 euros in charge of handle front the $650 of the creation of the French designer.

A pity that Mango is only encouraged to commercialize this color, huh?, although well intended, would who wants the? lace up flats Leo having this nice clone?

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